Sabean addresses Cabrera's suspension

August 16, 2012, 10:56 pm
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Editor's note: Giants general manager Brian Sabean addressed Melky Cabrera's 50-game suspension for the first time, speaking about a variety of topics on a conference call Thursday morning.
On how the Giants will fill their two open roster spaces:"As of right now, weve got Hacker on the way and Christian will be called up."
On whether Hunter Pence acquisition had anything to do with Melky Cabrera's suspension:"No, weve liked Pence. We tried to sign him last deadline. He was going to be a Giant if we found a way to do it this year."

On Cabrera's future with the franchise:

"I cant answer that now. There are a lot of blanks to be filled in, as a result of this."

On his reaction to Cabrera news:

"I mean, if anything I was taken back. I got emotional because this is one of those things that you get punched in the stomach with, but you have no choice but to figure out how to move on."
On how the team will get by without their three-hitter:

"I mean we have a survival instinct, seemingly right now its about winning series. Dodgers were 5 and 1 in the last 6 games, were 3 and 3. They won two series in a row and we are 1 and 1. We know how to cut up the games left and what we need to do."

On Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt:

"I think they have a lot to be proud of. You know, we stuck with them. We gave them as much playing time as they could handle. They are both very talented kids its just a matter of time and we hope that time is now. They are kids they really do want to do well and want to well for the team and it bodes well for us, into the future."
On chance of promoting Gary Brown:

"I dont see it in the short term, no. But you still learn in AA. If hes more proficient against left handed pitching and has struggled from time to time. We also know hes a center fielder, at this time. Its not enough for the front burner of our thinking."

On when they learned of Cabrera's suspension:

"We didnt find out until we were notified yesterday morning with Bruce."
On whether Cabrera's group was hesitant to discus an extention because they knew about impending suspension:

"I cant speak for them it was a conceptual conversation and it never really went anywhere. They more or less pushed it if they were interested in doing something at the end of the year. I dont know time range, in reference to the question."
On whether Cabrera and Guillermo Mota should know better:

"In our case, its two veteran major league players that should know the policy and should know the consequences better."

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