Sanchez has quiet debut, may start at second base Monday

March 10, 2012, 12:52 am
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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- "Whats up with that?"Thats how Freddy Sanchez responded after being asked why Buster Posey receivedall of the attention Friday in Scottsdale, despite both making their springdebuts after long injury layoffs.Sanchez was obviously being sarcastic, but its a valid question.While Posey is much more eligible to be the face of the franchise thanSanchez, both are important parts of a Giants offense in need of resuscitation.Coming off shoulder surgery, Sanchez served as the GiantsDH Friday and went 1-for-4 with a single and a strikeout, batting in his usual second spotin the lineup.

In his first at bat against Reds flamethrower Aroldis Chapman, Sanchez couldntcatch up to the heat and struck out looking.Sanchez flew out in the third inning, then recorded his first spring hit with aflare just over the shortstops head into left field in the 5thinning. His day came to a close with a seventh inning pop out to second basemanHenry Rodriguez.When asked how he felt about his debut, Sanchez said that he was a littleanxious."I just wanted to go out there and not embarrass myself," he said.The verdict?"I dont know. I saw a couple of my swings today. Mythumbs still hurting from that little blooper I got in there," Sanchez said.While Sanchez may not be completely satisfied with hisperformance, manager Bruce Bochy was just happy to see him in a game and ishoping to pencil Sanchez in at second base on Monday."Freddys not far," Bochy said. "Wed like to see him playing second. Hes beentaking ground balls and hell DH tomorrow in Tempe and then we will evaluatehim. Theres a good chance Monday hell be playing second."Sanchez said hes looking forward to the opportunity to do more than just hit. "It was nice to get out there and hit, but once I can get onthe field and play defense again, thatll be the big step," Sanchez said. "Ifeel like Im getting better each day and its just going to take time for myshoulder to get stronger."

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