Urban: Daily 5 -- Does Neukom's exit affect Giants?

September 15, 2011, 5:31 pm
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September 15, 2011


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Mychael Urban

Another day closer to the end of the regular season means nothing for the Daily 5. It merely means another opportunity to flash your genius by sharing your thoughts on the five MLB-related questions presented every Monday through Friday. Don't forget to drop your knowledge in the comments section below!1) How might Bill Neukom's ouster affect the Giants?
Remember, he was the face of the ownership, not the sole owner. He wasn't even the owner with the most shares, i.e., juice.

2) Do you really think the Neukom deal will help the A's get territorial rights to San Jose? WHY?
Neukom was staunchly against relinquishing those rights, but the man replacing him for the time being, Larry Baer, is no more likely to relent.3) Are Pirates fans allowed to jump ship now?
That's 19 consecutive losing seasons. Can they bounce to the Phillies' bandwagon? No! This should strengthen Pittsburgh fans' resolve.4) Speaking of the Phillies, should the Braves make them a little nervous?
Atlanta is a solid squad, but come on. You've seen the Philly starting rotation, right? There's no need for them to fear anyone.5) What's the most exciting play in the game?
A lot of people say it's the triple. Seems like the suicide squeeze has it beat for pure drama, though. Maybe even the robbing of a home run. Don't forget to leave your thoughts, folks. Let us know how you'd handle today's Daily 5. Reader with the best answers wins a Big Gulp and a pack of Sweet-Tarts.

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