WS predictions: Who do the experts like?

October 24, 2012, 3:05 pm
Share This Post has scoured the internet for expert predictions for the 2012 World Series. For each web site, we have supplied you with one person who likes the Giants and another who likes the Tigers. And you can click on the names for a direct link to all their site's predictions. Enjoy!

Yahoo Sports
Tim Brown:
I picked the Giants before the playoffs started, and it feels a little bit like staying in a marriage for the sake of the kids, but Im going to stick with the Giants. I like their plan right now. I like the way they feel about themselves. And I like the way that theyre going to play the game better than the Tigers will. I like seven (games) and I like Ryan Vogelsong coming back in Game 7 and winning it for them.
Jeff Passan:
Tigers ran roughshod through the American League this season. This was a team that underachieved during the regular season, finally is finding its stride during the postseason. I think Detroit takes home the World Series this year (in five games). I think this is going to be a quick one.

Sports Illustrated
Tom Verducci
The Tigers should win this fairly easily, with Justin Verlander going twice in the first five games. But their layoff and defense are problematic, and the Giants rate the edge in bullpens. GIANTS IN SEVEN.
Joe Lemire
San Francisco's 6-0 record when facing elimination this postseason is commendable but won't be enough, as Detroit's red-hot rotation and superior offensive firepower overcome its lack of bullpen depth. TIGERS IN SIX.

Fox Sports
Ken Rosenthal
I love the Giants, the way they play defense, the way they are resourceful on offense, and the way they just find ways to get it done. So when we look at this thing, everyone is going to favor the Tigers. But dont count the Giants out. Dont count them out at all.
Dave Hogg
Both managers are career baseball men that have managed World Series champions, so there isn't likely to be a decisive edge there. If Detroit's starters keep pitching the way they have, no team in baseball is going to beat them. The Giants have had to pull out six straight elimination games already, and it says here their luck runs out against Detroit's Big Four. TIGERS IN FIVE.

CBS Sports
Matt Snyder
On paper, the Tigers' starting pitching is just too imposing -- much like we've said about the Giants before, no? -- but at some point you give up with the paper and shred it. The Giants won't die, just like the Cardinals team that they just beat wouldn't die last season. The Tigers have their excellent starting pitching lined up perfectly, so they'll jump out to an early lead (2-0? 3-1?). Then the Giants will find a way to crawl back, just as they've done in the first two series. And this time, the Giants' faithful get to celebrate the World Series championship with their team in AT&T Park. Giants in 7. MVP: Buster Posey
Danny Knobler
Sorry, Giants fans. I know I (wrongly) picked against your team in 2010. I know I (wrongly) said your team was going to lose to the Reds in the Division Series this year. I know I've been plenty wrong on them (even though I did rightly pick them to win the National League West this year). I know I'm risking being badly wrong on them one more time. But I have no choice. Back in spring training, I picked the Tigers to win the World Series, and it's so rare that one of my World Series picks gets this far (I had Red Sox vs. Braves in 2011!), that I have no choice but to stick with them now. So I'm saying the Giants run into the same problem that their good friends, the A's, did in the Division Series. They'll lose to Justin Verlander in Game 1. And when they lose two of the next three, Verlander will be there to send them home in Game 5 in Detroit. Tigers in 5. MVP: Justin Verlander
Anthony Castrovince
Teams with the homefield advantage have won 21 of the last 26 World Series, and each of the last nine World Series Game 7s. That's a pretty good precedent for the club that can't be killed, and I like the Giants' chances of locking up their second World Series crown in three years. Giants in six.
Richard Justice
Inch by inch, the Tigers emerged as the team they were expected to be. Unless the five days off has somehow taken away their edge, the Tigers have put themselves in the best position possible to win a World Series. There wasn't a lot of joy in the journey at times, but there's plenty to go around now.
Jim BowdenThe Giants will win the World Series as I predicted before the postseason because their matchup bullpen will be the difference-maker. Giants in 6
Keith LawThe Tigers' starting pitching advantage trumps Bochy's bottomless bullpen. Tigers in 5

Sporting News
Anthony WitradoThe San Francisco Giants dont line up well when it comes to their starting pitching, so common sense tells me to pick the Detroit Tigers to win it all. But Ive also covered six Giants games this postseason, and that tells me to pick them, so I will. Giants in 7.
Bob HilleSorry, San Fran, Im not a big believer in momentum in baseball. I am, however, a big believer in pitching. Detroit has its rotation lined up; its 'pen has covered Valverdes fire-starter ways. Unless the Tigers have a defensive meltdown (it could happen), then theyre too much. Tigers in 6.

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