Kings jerseys picked worst in pro sports

August 21, 2012, 7:31 pm
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Kings fans may disagree, but according to a list of thejerseys of every team in the four major professional leagues, Sacramentos uniforms are the worst insports.The Kings came in at No. 122 in Paul Lukas jersey powerrankings at Uni Watch on Lukas has unveiled No. 122 down to No. 76,working his way to No. 1 by the end of the week. No other Bay Area teams madethe bottom two-fifths of the rankings.Lukas cited the Kings brutal color scheme, illegiblechest lettering on the home jersey, oddly off-center front uni numbers,clownish number font and completely incongruous old-school script on theblack alternate as his reasons for placing Sacramento last.The Kings finished behind the Cincinnati Bengals, BrooklynNets, Minnesota Vikings and Colorado Avalanche to round out the bottom five ofthe rankings.Although the list mostly balances football, basketball andhockey jerseys, Lukas does appear to favor MLB jerseys, only naming one baseballteam the San Diego Padres among his bottom 22 jerseys. Eight NBA and NFLteams composed the rest of that bottom part of the list along with five NHLteams.The Kings choice of purple, though commonly linked withroyalty, does open themselves up to strong opinions whether positive ornegative. Lukas inclusion of theVikings among his bottom five jerseys indicates any purple jersey was probablydoomed to finish low in the rankings.Other purple teams dot the lower half of the list, includingthe Phoenix Suns at No. 77, the Colorado Rockies at No. 88 and the BaltimoreRavens at No. 93.Do you think the Kings have the worst jerseys among majorprofessional teams? Which Bay Area teams have the best and worst jerseys?Comment below!