Kings' Thornton cleared to practice

Kings' Thornton cleared to practice
February 1, 2012, 8:02 pm
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The Kings' Marcus Thornton has been cleared to resume practice "to see how it goes," the shooting guard announced via Twitter.

Thornton left the Kings' game in Memphis Jan. 21 with what was described as a "stiff left thigh." A week ago, a diagnostic ultrasound test revealed a significant hematoma in the bothered thigh.

REWIND: Thornton to miss 1-2 weeks with hematoma

The Kings haven't won since Thornton went down, going 0-5 in their last five games.

Previously, Thornton sat out three games (Jan. 10, 11, and 13) with what was thought to be a "left thigh contusion." The Kings went 1-2 over that span, making Sacramento 1-7 in games Thornton does not play.

Thornton, 24, is right there at the top of the Kings' scoring leaders. He was averaging a team-best 16.4 points per game before leaving; Tyreke Evans has shouldered the scoring load in his absence and has since claimed the scoring lead, averaging 16.9 points per game. DeMarcus Cousins is the only other player averaging double-figures at 15.0.

Rookie Jimmer Fredette has experienced increased playing time in Thornton's absence, and has put together his best stretch of NBA games; he has three thirty-plus minute games and four double-digit scoring efforts in the five games Thornton has been out. It will be interesting to see how the backcourt playing time is distributed when Thornton returns to game action.

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Marcus ThorntonHave been cleared to practice to see how it goes thank GOD
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