Kings' Cousins bombarded with hypothetical questions in Boston


Kings' Cousins bombarded with hypothetical questions in Boston

Welcome to Boston, DeMarcus Cousins, now we’re going to need you to step into the media interrogation room.

On Monday afternoon, all the focus was on the potential for Cousins to join forces with former college teammate John Wall. On Thursday, Cousins was grilled again, this time about donning Celtics green alongside former Kings teammate Isaiah Thomas.

The Boston media has been chasing the ‘Cousins to Beantown’ story for the last two or three seasons, only to come up empty. Following practice on Thursday afternoon, a group of reporters tried to shake the tree one more time in hopes that the 26-year-old big would slip up and give them goods.

“No, I’m a King,” Cousins told media members when asked whether the persistent rumors bother him.

Dressed in a black hoody, Cousins looked uncomfortable as he was hit with one question after another about his future in Sacramento.

“Most of the rumors come from people that want me on their team,” Cousins said. “So, I’m not really bothered by that.”

When told by a reporter that it was a good thing to be wanted, Cousins calmly said, “I do appreciate that, I said I’m a King, I’m good.”

The conversation eventually shifted to Cousins' relation with Thomas, who currently starts at point guard for Boston. There has been much written about the relationship between the two from their time together in Sacramento.

“That’s all this league is, what people think they know - 99 percent of the time, they don’t know,” Cousins said. “That’s my guy. I’m extremely happy for him. I’m happy for all of the success he’s gotten so far.”

Cousins is locked up with the Kings this season and through the 2017-18 campaign as well. He’s eligible for a monster extension this coming summer if he chooses to stay in Sacramento.

“No, I have a season and whole nother season - no,” Cousins when asked if he’s thought about his future. “I’m focused on these guys right here. I’m focused on winning games. I’m focused on making the playoffs. That’s it.”

Sacramento currently stands at 7-11 on the season. If they continue to struggle, the noise surrounding Cousins’ future with the team is only going to get louder as the team approaches the Feb 23 trade deadline.

After playing the Celtics on Friday night, the Kings travel to New York, where the Knicks massive media contingency will likely have a plenty more questions for Cousins about his future.

Kings troll 76ers over wet court causing postponement of game

Kings troll 76ers over wet court causing postponement of game

The Kings' official Twitter account didn't waste any time calling out the 76ers after Wednesday night's game was postponed due to unsafe court conditions.

When the announcement was made, the Kings trolled the 76ers by referring to "The Process," the strategy implement by former GM Sam Hinkie.

The Kings didn't stop there. They later sent out a tweet referencing their impending trip to Boston for Friday's game against the Celtics.

During to hour-plus delay, the Kings asked the 76ers if they needed a SlamWow to help soak up the water on the court.

Referencing the ice underneath the basketball court that may have led to the problem, the Kings told the 76ers that DeMarcus Cousins was ready for any situation.

76ers center Joel Embiid got in on the fun with a self-depricating tweet about the court.