NBA expands instant replay

July 22, 2012, 10:11 pm
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By now you've probably already read about the NBA's possibleplans to introduce advertising onto jersey and expressed outragesupport forthis ridiculoussmart idea.But terms of decisions that will impact the actualbasketball product on the court, the NBA Board of Governors approved moreimportant changes regarding the use of instant replay.The board, composed of an owner or representative from eachof the 30 NBA teams, voted for expanded replay to begin this season.Referees will now use replay to immediately review allflagrant foul calls to determine whether such calls should be a Flagrant 1,Flagrant 2 or just a common foul. This should lead to fewer reviews andrevisals from the league office days after the foul occurred.Referees can now alsouse replay in the final two minutes of regulation and all of overtime to reviewblockcharge calls that center on whether the defensive player was in therestricted area.Goaltending calls can now also be reviewed in the last twominutes of regulation and during all of overtime. However, to avoid stoppingplay, questionable goaltends that are not called by the officials on the court willnot be reviewable on replay.The NBA's Competition Committee recommended each of thethree changes to replay when it met on June 18.Commissioner David Stern said the board also discussedpossible rule changes to address flopping, among other issues but decided tocontinue deliberations until at least the board's meeting in September.