Stern to Kings fans: Hope for the best

October 27, 2012, 12:59 am
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Kurt Helin

Kings fans -- a city of people that has rallied around their team in an effort to keep them in town -- David Stern has some advice for you:

Just keep supporting the team like you have and then blindly hope for the best.

Not exactly reassuring, is it?

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When asked about the Sacramento situation during a Thursday press conference, the NBA Commissioner (for another 15 months) said that in the long run a new arena needs to be built. And while the current owners the Maloof family have stood in the way of those arena plans you should still support your team.
"Well, I think that there are many people who appreciate the fact that Sacramento was, is, and can be a first class NBA city, Stern said. It is true that it needs a new building. We have our differences of opinions with all of our owners, and in this case with the Maloofs on some of the issues that have gone down here. But my advice to Sacramento is to continue the enormous support that you have shown for the team, and well see what the next steps turn out to be."READ MORE AT