Stern 'more hopeful than confident' on Kings arena

April 6, 2012, 12:29 am
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The Kings, specifically the Maloof family ownership, doesn't feel it should have to pay pre-development costs for the team's new arena.

The City of Sacramento, specifically mayor Kevin Johnson, disagrees.

The public financial disagreement is unlikely to be resolved until the NBA Board of Governors meetings on April 12-13. But there's no shortage of commentary and opinion being tossed around.

Wednesday it was NBA commissioner David Stern's turn. Here's what Stern had to say, in response to an inquiry from Brian Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune:

"You know, I'm more hopeful than I am confident right now. I'm hopeful because the city of Sacramento has between last meeting and this, has been responsible for responding on a sponsorship basis, on a ticket basis and on allocating 250 million or so for a new arena. In basically a week what's today? Wednesday in a week, our owners will be coming in for meetings next Thursday and next Friday, and we'll be having the Maloofs in to talk with some group of them and we'll see where it's going. Very, very hopeful that it gets on track, because the owners have a respect for the Maloofs. And I think the owners also have an enormous respect for what Sacramento has done over the years in supporting an NBA franchise. And it's always been our first preference particularly when government agencies or states are helpful to keep a team where a team is if they're playing in a good facility."