Cal coaching search in early stages, aka Twitter rumors


Cal coaching search in early stages, aka Twitter rumors

Nothing is ever quite as amusing as watching the mention of a coachs name create unregulated hyperactivity in adults especially when that is a name that doesnt ring many bells.Yet Fresno State football coach Tim DeRuyter and coachless California are being linked together, and . . . well, let hilarity ensue.The DeRuyter rumors, which are barely hours old and have a faint whiff of Internet hoax to them, are based on his one year at Fresno State, which is a bowl invitation away from being concluded. The Bulldogs went 9-3, and though one year is not usually enough to get your name on the rumor tilt-a-whirl, such are the times that anyone who has lost fewer than six games (including broadcasters, all of whom are undefeated this season) is in play for any vacancy.Plus, the rumors began on Twitter, the 21st century fertilizer for fertilizer.Of course, most rumors that pan out also start on Twitter. So there you go. DeRuyter is the favorite to replace Jeff Tedford, and has no chance to replace Jeff Tedford, all at the same time. Beauty.Other rumors have suggested that former Raider coach Hue Jackson is a player in the talks, and one would not be surprised to learn that conversations either have or will be initiated between himhis people and Cal AD Sandy Barbourher people. Conversations, of course, being the MiracleGro of coaching rumors.But there are at least two things at work here that mitigate against either DeRuyter or Jackson.One, Barbour is using a search committee, and search committees tend to slow rather than speed a process. It has been only 10 days since Tedford was decoupled, and Barbour needs to hit not just a home run here, but a three-run homer, and do it without a ton of money.In other words, creativity matters, and creativity also mitigates against speed.And two, it is widely believed by those who are conversant with the corridors of the Cal money train that there are still hopes of convincing Boise States Chris Petersen to overcome the burden of his friendship with Tedford to consider the job.Petersen would be the big-name hire that would galvanize wallets, and Cals monumental financial problems require full billfold participation from all available alumnoids. DeRuyter would not be that hire, and neither would Jackson, for that matter.In short, the coachs chair remains mostly cold upholstery for the foreseeable future, no matter how many space heaters Twitter tries to fire up.Besides, I still hold out hope for Bobby Petrino to get the job, just to see an entire university pull off its own head.

Pac-12 basketball teams near Barcelona terrorist attack safe


Pac-12 basketball teams near Barcelona terrorist attack safe

Men's basketball teams from Oregon State, Clemson and Arizona were staying at a hotel in Barcelona, Spain, near where a van drove into pedestrians on Thursday, but team officials said everyone was safe.

Spanish police have confirmed they are investigating the bloodshed in Barcelona's historic Las Ramblas district as a terror attack. The area is a popular summer tourist spot.

Tulane also was playing in Barcelona, but it was unclear if they were staying in the same hotel as the other teams.

Oregon State assistant coach Gregg Gottlieb posted to Facebook: "We are all luckily ok. Our hotel/restaurant is located right on Las Ramblas. This tragedy happened right in front of us as our team just sat down for pregame meal. Thoughts and prayers for all those that are were hurt."

The Beavers' game Thursday night was canceled. It was supposed to be the first of a five-game tour.

Clemson was scheduled to play Thursday night against a Spanish All-Star team.

"We've been in contact with our men's basketball program currently in Barcelona and the entire travel party is safe and secure. Their exhibition game for tonight has been cancelled and the team will return to Clemson as previously scheduled tomorrow morning. Our thoughts are with the people of Barcelona," the South Carolina school said in a statement.

Clemson coach Brad Brownell confirmed in a text to The Associated Press that the three teams were staying in the same hotel.

"We are fine. Thankful to be safe and together," Brownell wrote.

Tulane athletic director Troy Tannen confirmed via social media that the Green Wave players and staff were safe.

Replying to a Twitter inquiry from a Portland television about whether the team was OK, Oregon State head coach Wayne Tinkle responded: "Yes we are, happened directly in front of our hotel while we were having a team meal in the restaurant, so senseless and sad! All accounted4."

Oregon State said it has not yet determined the remaining schedule for the team, which was supposed to be on the exhibition tour until Aug. 25.

A spokesman for Arizona said the Wildcats have canceled their third and final exhibition of their tour and "are currently working on travel plans to return home."

The future of Cal athletics, or lack thereof


The future of Cal athletics, or lack thereof

Your education dollars are always at work, so it is with pride and bewilderment that we report that the University of California’s incoming class (2021, for those few who can get out in four years) marched to Memorial Stadium and formed the world’s largest human letter.
It was . . . wait for it . . . a “C.” A 7,196-person-strong “C.”
But the school, as it occasionally does, missed a golden opportunity to seize a golden opportunity. All they needed to do was have a quick whip-round, get $55,586.44 from each and every one of the captives . . . er, students, and they could have wiped out their entire athletics deficit in one night.
You see, while forming gigantic letters is always fun (or as the kids used to say when double negatives didn’t mean voting, never not fun), Cal is staring at quite possibly the bleakest future a major athletic university ever has. The athletic department, whose chief officer, Mike Williams, has just announced his intention to quit, is over $400 million in debt between construction costs, ambition, shrinking allegiance and the absence of a Phil Knight-level sugar daddy to buy the pain away.
And before you blame Williams, he inherited this indigestible planetoid from his predecessor, Sandy Barbour, who grew it from her predecessor, Steve Gladstone, and hastened it from . . . well, you get the drift. 
Cal’s been blowing through money it hasn’t been taking in for years upon years, didn’t realize the deficit-cutting benefits of the Pac-12 Network (because they largely don’t exist), and the day of reckoning looms closer and closer, especially now that new chancellor Carol Christ (no apparent relation) described the deficit as “corrosive” and has insisted that the athletic department have a balanced budget by 2020.
In short, the school may only be able to afford a lower-case “C” before too long. Maybe in comic sans.