DeEnd Parker is far from finished

November 27, 2012, 3:23 am
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Dont let the name fool you. DeEnd Parker is far from finished.

The former San Francisco High School player of the year is back home playing for the USF Dons. While the circumstances for his return werent basketball-related, its important to keep tabs on Parkers success at the Hilltop because The City hasnt exactly produced too many blue chippers recently.

Think about it, who is the last player from a city school to make it big at the next level? Maybe Justin Love? (I still remember that dunk on Gilbert Arenas in the ProAm a few years ago)

Parker has a chance to be that guy. He helped lead CCSF to their first state title in half a century in 2011 and now he will look to help revive a program that used to be the pride of The City.

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