Griner and Ogwumike finally to square off

Griner and Ogwumike finally to square off
March 30, 2012, 10:34 pm
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This is how big Brittney Griner is and we dont just mean her 6-foot-8 height, 7-foot-4 wingspan and 9-foot-2 reach.

Shes so big that she dwarfs RGIII Robert Griffin III, the reigning Heisman trophy winner - making him only the second biggest athlete at Baylor.

That will change. In a few weeks, RGIII will be wealthier than Griner will probably ever be, when he becomes the second pick in the NFL Draft. If he succeeds in the NFL, hell be king.

But for now, hes Griners caddy. He texted Baylor coach Kim Mulkey and told her hes coming to Denver this weekend to cheer on Griner and her teammates in the Final Four against Stanford. RGIII will probably be hoping she can throw down another two handed jam in transition again.

Can Nneka Ogwumike counter with Andrew Luck?

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Ogwumike is a superstar in her own right a player who has helped Stanford get to the Final Four in every year that shes worn a Cardinal uniform. Shed be the shoo-in for the national player of the year if it wasnt for you-know-who.

But Nneka isnt the biggest thing on her campus: Luck is because hes s almost as unusual in his own right as Griner: a superstar Stanford football player has been almost as rare as a woman hoopster with 88-inches between her outstretched fingers. On the other hand, a player like Ogwumike is what we expect out of Tara VanDerveers program, which churns out player of the year candidates and Final Four berths like theyre undergrad requirements.

Griner and Ogwumike are the headliners of an intriguing womens Final Four: all four No. 1 seeds are in the finals for only the second time in history. And none are the defending champion: Texas A&M was knocked out along the way.

The other semifinal is as exciting as holding yet another Republican debate: this will be the eighth time in two seasons that Notre Dame and UConn have played each other. UConn holds a 4-3 lead, thanks to its win in the Big East final earlier this month.

Stanford and Baylor, in contrast, havent played each other since Griner has been in a Baylor uniform. Its an unfamiliar matchup, but an intriguing one, between the two best players in the country.

Griner has everyone talking: not just because she is so tall and skilled, or because she can dunk, but she brings an edge. She punched a girl in the face when she was a freshman. On Monday, she jumped off the bench when a fight broke out between her teammate and a Tennessee player and ended up being ejected from the game.

She brings some controversy, Van Derveer said. I think it brings a lot of good attention to the game. People are paying attention to whats going on in Denver.

RGIII will be. Andrew Luck should show up, to level the playing field.

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