Historic time for Bay Area football

October 25, 2011, 8:21 pm
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The 49ers are 5-1, the Raiders 4-3, Stanford 7-0, and Cal 4-3. Before this season, when is the last time all four teams were in the Bay Area (remember the Raiders were in L.A. from 1982-1994) and had a .500 or better record?

Think about the glory years for these teams? When did they all intersect? Was Joe Montana calling signals in San Francisco? Steve Young? Or was it when Ken Stabler and John Madden were stalking the turf in Oakland?

Do we have to go back to Jim Plunkett's Heisman Trophy-winning season at Stanford? What about Cal? Do the four bowl games in seven years in the early 1990s ring a bell?

Just the year is not accurate enough. We need the specific date! Give it your best shot and see if your answer shows up on Chronicle Live.

ANSWER: On November 14, 1976 the four teams had the following records...

Raiders: 9-1
49ers: 6-4
Stanford: 5-5
Cal: 5-5

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