Ray's Top 25: Baylor makes the cut

September 23, 2012, 9:57 pm
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Every week, our Senior Decider votes in the Associated Press Top 25 poll, which of course makes all other opinions both superfluous and valueless (hey, dont say you never get your moneys worth here).

So here, after Week Three, is the world of college football, whether you like it or not. And if you dont, theres a new one next week you might like better.

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1 Alabama Ole Miss is going to get dramatically ol'er 2 Florida State Slow start became overwhelming finish against Clemson 3 Oregon They look pretty, but they mostly defend nasty 4 Georgia Vanderblt is not a high bar to clear, but the Dawgs cleared it by 45 5 Kansas State Didn't beat Oklahoma, beat Oklahoma up. Two decisive wins over 3-1 teams 6 LSU We were under the impression that Auburn was down, so this was not an inspiring win 7 Texas Prepped for Cowboys-Bucs 8 Stanford Prepped for 49ers-Vikings 9 Notre Dame Did not please the eye in beating Michigan. Still, they beat Michigan 10 Florida If only beating Kentucky meant something 11 South Carolina Missouri got another helping of "This Ain't The Big 12 Anymore" 12 West Virginia Maryland best test to date, but Baylor and Texas back to back are better still 13 Rutgers First team with three road wins this year 14 Oregon State Two wins over ranked teams, and they still haven't gotten their crack at Nicholls State 15 Oklahoma Kansas State may be their annual stinker; then again, it may not be 16 USC Rallied to control, if not pound Cal 17 Ohio State One step below SC because it had to work harder to beat Cal 18 Michigan State Eastern Michigan brought a nice picnic basket to the party 19 TCU The Toads continue to not lose to teams they shouldn't lose to 20 Mississippi State South Alabama, what can you say? Nothing. 21 Clemson Stuck around early, but Florida State wore the Tigers down 22 UCLA Losing at home does very little to help a team's national profile 23 Iowa State Still unbeaten against Bye 24 Wisconsin Lost to Oregon State; Nebraska lost to UCLA; you see how this works, right? 25 Baylor Can't believe I'm saying this, but the Louisiana Monroe win carries a bit of weight