Ray's Top 25: Stanford climbs, UCLA makes cut

November 4, 2012, 11:24 pm
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Every week, our Senior Decider votes in the Associated Press Top 25 poll, which of course makes all other opinions both superfluous and valueless (hey, dont say you never get your moneys worth here).

So here, after Week Nine, is the world of college football, whether you like it or not. And if you dont, theres a new one next week you might like better.

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Alabama An enduring test, but it always helps to have the best players with the ball late Oregon If the Ducks play USC 100 times, the final score would 62-51 every time Kansas State Still very much in the hunt as they plow remorselessly through the Big 12-ish Notre Dame How much finer can one cut a piece of salami before it just becomes coldcut dust? Ohio State Leaders and Legends can fight it out for spots 2-12 Louisville They simply never lose Florida State The week off didn't make the rest of the ACC look any better except No. 9 Georgia Ole Miss thought about it for a little bit, then went predictably supine Clemson This is the exception in the Florida State remarks Florida Missouri shouldn't have been that hard Louisiana State If the Bayous had held for 51 more seconds, this could be Alabama South Carolina Steve Spurrier was thinking of witty sayings, and playing 90 holes of speed golf Oregon State Good second half at home against ASU keep them in place Texas A&M This SEC ain't so hard to figure out . . . heh heh heh Oklahoma This is their true place, though they may end the season higher Toledo Idle Kent State Not idle, but Akron comes pretty damned close Texas Gave Lubbock the back of its hoof Stanford Colorado scored zero, which is probably a touchdown more than it deserved Northern Illinois Umass is new, but getting older Mississippi State This was coming for awhile Rutgers Needed the week off to deal with bigger issues Ohio Kent State on Thanksgiving weekend is the showdown UCLA Arizona was supposed to a lot better than -56 Louisiana Tech Still chugging along with just the one loss