Ray's Top 25: Stanford jumps

September 17, 2012, 8:14 pm
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Every week, our Senior Decider votes in the Associated Press Top 25 poll, which of course makes all other opinions both superfluous and valueless (hey, dont say you never get your moneys worth here).

So here, after Week Two, is the world of college football, whether you like it or not. And if you dont, theres a new one next week you might like better.

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1 Alabama Widened their advantage over the field to the point that the next ranked team should be No. 5 2 Florida State Boxed a nice set of ears in Wake Forest. 3 Oregon Having finished the Hostess Cakes portion of the schedule, they now get down to business. 4 LSU Idaho really is too beneath them. 5 Georgia Waiting for the other shoe to drop, but until it does . . . 6 Texas So. Mississippi is the lesser of the three Mississippis, but it's a Mississippi nonetheless. 7 Stanford David Shaw says he likes the school very much. He's about to find out how much is much. 8 Oklahoma Resting comfortably. 9 Notre Dame Navy, Purdue and Michigan State. All wins. Hard to argue so far. 10 Florida Tennessee was ranked by some folks. No more. 11 Ohio State Either Cal is better than we thought, or the Big Ten is exactly as bad as we think. 12 South Carolina East Carolina is still the best win. 13 UCLA Houston has been seen quite enough, thank you. 14 Clemson Florida State will tell us everything we need to know next week. 15 Kansas State Oklahoma is next, and unlike Missouri State, Miami or North Texas in every way. 16 Southern California Stanford didn't win, Stanford dominated. 17 Michigan State Notre Dame didn't win, Notre Dame dominated. 18 West Virginia Dana Holgerson said James Madison was a tougheropponent than Marshall. It wasn't. 19 Rutgers South Florida was a worthy win in a shrinking conference. 20 TCU I'm pretty noncommittal about this team. Well, most teams, in fact. 21 Mississippi State Moved up because Virginia Tech took the pipe. Other than that, not a lot to gush about either way. 22 Michigan Massachusetts. That's all. 23 Iowa State The conference schedule begins next week, and doesn't get easy until November 17. They do this, they're good. 24 Arizona Just making a cameo until Oregon gets hold of them. 25 Ohio Interchangeable with Louisville; their best wins were against disgraced Penn State and disgraced North Carolina.

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