Ray's Top 25: Stanford returns, edges USC

October 28, 2012, 6:19 pm
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Every week, our Senior Decider votes in the Associated Press Top 25 poll, which of course makes all other opinions both superfluous and valueless (hey, dont say you never get your moneys worth here).

So here, after Week Eight, is the world of college football, whether you like it or not. And if you dont, theres a new one next week you might like better.

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1 Alabama Just sucking the fun out of everything, every week. 2 Oregon And then there was one left of the 12, and the Ducks are it. 3 Kansas State Bill Snyder might be good at this until he's 115. 4 Notre Dame Stanford can say it got squeezed at the end. Oklahoma just got crushed. 5 Florida State Will have a very nice January. Just not the one they dreamed of. 6 Ohio State The Big 10 is down, very down, but the Buckeyes can't be responsible for everyone else. 7 Louisiana State Idle hands are the devil's workshop. See Mathieu, Tyrann. 8 Louisville When you never lose, eventually you hang around the thin-air types. 9 Georgia A very impressive win over a slightly overrated Florida bunch. 10 Clemson You don't have to like them. You have to beat them. And nobody does. 11 Florida Overrated at 2. Maybe underrated at 11. But these are treacherous times. 12 South Carolina Cut it a bit fine again, but ended up on the right side of the blade. 13 Oregon State Washington is a hard out in Seattle. But they're also very maddening. 14 Mississippi State No shame in losing to Alabama. You just lose a few brownie points. 15 Oklahoma When someone figures this team out, please alert the authorities. 16 Texas A&M I suppose getting Gene Chizik fired will make someone happy, though I can't see the joy. 17 Toledo Beating Buffalo is not your standard signature win. 18 Kent State Rutgers went as far as it could, but these are the freaking Gloden Flashes we speak of here. 19 Texas Tech Deserves to drop after performance against Kansas State, but we're running out of other candidates. 20 Rutgers Kent State will hurt for a good long time. 21 Boise State You don't have to like them. They have one loss. They always have one loss. 22 Stanford Washington State another closer-than-it-should-be shave. 23 Southern California Lane Kiffin is no longer winning friends and influencing alums. 24 Northern Illinois They may not get much higher than this, but they don't look like they'll go much lower, either. 25 Louisiana Tech The next Boise State in training, perhaps?

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