Aaron Colacion - All-Star Teacher Finalist

All Star Teacher 2013: Aaron Colacion

Aaron Colacion has taught English and English Language Development at John F. Kennedy High School in Richmond for the past three years and has been an educator for six years. Mr. Colacion first took an interest in teaching during his last year as an undergraduate, finding it as a way to fulfill his desire to assist young people in achieving their goals and navigating the stresses and pressures of youth. His favorite part of being a teacher is helping youth set and achieve goals, enjoying witnessing the individual transformation to modify their thinking and behavior in positive ways.

In addition to teaching, he has also organized and coached the Varsity and Junior Varsity soccer teams during his time at J.F. Kennedy High School, also being a volunteer booster for the program. He also volunteers at Kaiser Medical Center in Richmond, CA, helping recruit youth to work with the volunteer services program.