Bridgit McGarry - All-Star Teacher Finalist

All Star Teacher 2013: Bridgit McGarry

Bridgit McGarry teaches religious studies and English to middle school students at Sacred Heart Nativity Schools. During her 19-year career, she has taught classes to middle school, high school students and graduate students. Ms. McGarry attended St. Mary’s College for her undergraduate degree and went on to receive her Master’s degree in teaching at the University of San Francisco. She wanted to become a teacher because she enjoyed helping people reach their goals. By teaching, she is able to bring her areas of interest to others and help them see what they could do with their acquired knowledge.

Her favorite part of teaching is being with the students, as they bring great energy humor and enthusiasm to everything they do. Each day, they bring joy to her life just by being themselves. In addition to teaching, she is also involved with Sacred Heart Community Services, a member of the Board of Directors since 1994. For thirteen years, she built houses in marginalized communities of Mexico with high school years. She also volunteers her time at Catholic Worker House, preparing meals, doing chores and help people who are in transitional living.