Randy Moss

Spotlight on a 49er -- Randy Moss


I really do think that I'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game.
—Randy Moss

He may appear rude and obnoxious... But once you get to know him, he's funny and you can't get enough of him.
—Donnie "Blue" Jones, Moss' right-hand man

I think I owe it to my community to show my face to do great things in the community and be able to give back.
—Randy Moss
You all call him Randy. Back here, he's just Otis to us. "Why Otis?" That's just what the streets named him. His name is Otis.
—Longtime friend Michael "Mike Dads" Smith


Sun, Dec 28
San Francisco767020
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LeaderArizonaSan Francisco
PassingR. Lindley 316C. Kaepernick 204
RushingK. Williams 67F. Gore 144
ReceivingM. Floyd 153A. Boldin 81
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