Quakes allow 90th minute goal, draw Whitecaps

May 12, 2011, 4:56 am
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia (CSNAP) Davide Chiumiento scored in second-half injury time to give the Vancouver Whitecaps a rainy 1-1 tie with the San Jose Earthquakes on Wednesday night.Chiumiento put a curving shot from the right flank past goalkeeper Jon Busch.Chris Wondolowski scored his fourth goal of the season for San Jose in the 39th minute.After goalkeeper Jay Nolly made a diving save on Sami Cronin's liner from about 25 yards out, San Jose striker Steven Lenhart snared the rebound near the end line and set up Wondolowski.The expansion Whitecaps are 1-4-5. The Earthquakes (1-4-3) are winless in six games.San Joses lineup was notexactly loaded with firepower tonight, which made the goal they scored evenmore impressive.

Brad Ring and SamCronin dont ordinarily provide offensive spark and there isnt a lot ofcreativity in the San Joseattack.

What ended up working werequick, short passes involving four or five different players giving the Quakesa sustained attack within scoring distance.Stephen Lenhart was particularly good with the ball in traffic,releasing it at just the right time and the other Quakes unselfishly followedsuit.

Defensively, the back line ofBeitashour, Opara, Burling and Corrales played very well and got lots of helpfrom the mid field. Sealy, Lenhart,Wondolowski and Johnson were terrific.

Sealy played midfield and was able to stay on side the entirematch. He played 60 minutes and KhariStephenson came in to finish the match.

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