Quakes' Bingham nets 90-yard goal in friendly

July 13, 2011, 4:36 pm
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CSNBayArea.com staff
Although unlikely, soccer goalies do score. They are sometimes called upon to take penalty kicks, and you might also see a goalie called into the box for a late-game corner kick header. Rarely, if ever, though, do you see him score from his natural position on the field -- from within his own box. To do it as a rookie in an international friendly makes it all the more remarkable.In a season that has not been full of highlights for the San Jose Earthquakes, Tuesday's match with the West Bromwich Albion provided one of those shining moments.Rookie goalkeeper David Bingham scored a highlight-reel goal from more than 90 yards away, notching one of the Earthquakes' two goals in the 2-1 win. He did it in the third minute of the game.RELATED: Earthquakes fixtures
"I didn't even see it go in," Bingham said. "I hit it and I knew I overhit it, so I just turned around and walked back. And then everyone started yelling ... Sometimes it's good to be lucky."Bingham, 21, possessed an errant pass from West Brom, and from the top of his box, targeted forward Scott Sealy. His punt sailed over Sealy and the last line of defense and bounced in front of West Brom goalkeeper Boaz Myhill, skipping over his head and nestling in the back of the net.
"I couldn't believe it," San Jose midfielder Simon Dawkins said. "I thought the referee had stopped the game."The Earthquakes next league fixture is this Saturday, July 16, against the Columbus Crew.

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