Recapping the event of the summer

July 2, 2012, 11:13 pm
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It was a storybook day for the San Jose Earthquakesorganization.50,000 fans The largest crowd in team history for a non-doubleheader where the main draw was the other game. The Quakes scored an early goal thanksto Marvelous Marvin Chavez and Steven Lenhart. The crowd got to see Beckhambe Beckham and Landon Donovan did what he does best, capitalizing on otherpeoples mistakes. Best of all though, the crowd got to see why Goonies neversay die!" Trailing by 2 goals, on national TV and a sold out stadium, the Quakesshowed their depth and resiliency and put on a great show. As the script would have it, the game-winnercame off the foot, or should I say the bottom of the foot, of their biggeststar, Chris Wondolowski. It iseverything the team could have hoped for.REWIND: Wondo's winner gives Quakes comeback win over Galaxy
In previous years, there was usually disappointment onhighly anticipated matches, whether it be an opening night or an opportunity toplay before a big crowd. This team has proven again that it is better thanthose teams and that they stick together when things look bleak.When you score a goal for the Quakes, you can be surethat you will be on the receiving end of a Victor Bernardez bear hug. That was one of the reasons it was so greatto see him score his first goal as an Earthquake just before the end of thehalf. His tiny countryman Marvin Chavezwas the first to get to him and jumped up on him with the joy of a little kid.It was a huge goal, bringing the Quakes to within one before the intermission.Jason Hernandez had a rough go in the first half. He knocked in an own goal for Galaxys secondgoal on a play where the defense got beat on some terrific passing and ballmovement. Hernandez played a key part inthe Galaxys third goal as well. After ascramble in front of the net, goal keeper John Busch was screaming forHernandez to take the ball out to the left side. Hernandez thought he was screaming back. He turned and passed back to Busch unawareRobby Keane was in between the two of them sitting on the doorstep of thegoal. Two touches later the ball was inthe back of the net and the score was 3-1 Galaxy. To his credit, Hernandez wasable to shake this off and played a key role in holding Galaxy scoreless therest of the way.The first half had 7 minutes of extra time due to manystoppages for injuries. The first wasfor goal keeper John Buschs eye. Theformer ice hockey player from upstate New York looked the part after catching an elbow,probably from his own teammate while aggressively defending a corner. Hefinished the half with a black eye that swelled quickly and visibly. Can anyonesay, Cut me Mick! The injury to Busch prompted Frank Yallop to bring inDavid Bingham for the second half. Thesecond year player out of Calplayed very well. His height and lengthcame in handy on more than one occasion.The first was when he dove to smother a rolling cross through the goalarea and the next was in defending a shot off an oncoming David Beckham. Later, Justin Morrow provided some goal linesupport and kept the Galaxy off the scoreboard in the second half.Steven Beitashour delivered a terrific ball to StevenLenharts heal that set up Sam Cronins first goal of the season. DefensivelyBeitashour showed why being a defender is so challenging. You can be playing great soccer for anextended amount of time, then over run a challenge and it frees up a player toget an open shot on goal and you have a bad game. This happened twice onSaturday and I cant recall seeing it happen to him since early in his rookieyear.Sam Cronin got his first goal of the season and itignited the crowd. In spite of it being only his second goal in 90 plus MLSmatches he knew how to celebrate it with a flying body bump with StevenLenhart. Here is another player whose value does not always show up on thescore card, but definitely shows up on the scoreboard.

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