Allen: Raiders 'not in the blame game'

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Allen: Raiders 'not in the blame game'
December 16, 2013, 5:30 pm
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We're not in the blame game. We're not in the pointing fingers game ... Our job is to come together as a group, coaches and players. We're in the solution business, not in the creating problem business.
Dennis Allen

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ALAMEDA – Head coach Dennis Allen understands that Raider Nation isn’t happy with his team. He isn’t either.

Back-to-back embarrassments, including Sunday’s 56-31 loss to rival Kansas City at home, can create such sentiment. Allen knows that boos accompany poor play, especially with the Raiders in line to finish at 4-12 a second straight time, causes frustration.

“This is a loyal, passionate fan base and they’re hungry for wins,” Allen said Monday in a press conference. “And I understand that and I think our whole organization understands that.

“Nothing’s going to waver me or us from what the process is and what the plan is. We’re trying to put the best (team) on the field that we can. We’re going to continue to do that. I understand the fans’ frustration. We have the same frustration. We want to win. Unfortunately, we just haven’t been able to get it done.”

Allen said the Raiders are playing worse on defense of late. The team’s quarterback play has been inconsistent. Coaching and game management has come under fire in recent weeks.

“We're not in the blame game,” Allen said. “We're not in the pointing fingers game. That's for everybody else to do. 
Our job is to come together as a group, coaches and players. We're in the solution business, not in the creating problem business. And that's what we've got to go work to do and that's finding solutions to alleviate the problems.”

Raiders owner Mark Davis wants to see progress this season, especially against division opponents down the stretch. Sunday’s lopsided loss to Kansas City doesn’t help. Whether the Raiders can recover will show something.

The Raiders would have to slow their downward defensive slide against a pair of offensive powers. It seems difficult given their injury situation and recent play, but Allen believes the Raiders can right the ship.

“At times we’ve played really well and been very competitive in games and we’ve had opportunities to win games,” Allen said. “Obviously it’s times like this you wish you had a couple of do-overs. That’s not the way the NFL works.

“We’ve played well at times and we’ve played not so good at times. What gives me confidence is that we have played well, and I know that we have it in us.”