Allen's bye week advice: Stay out of the headlines

Allen talks bye week preparations, Jason Tarver, injuries

Allen's bye week advice: Stay out of the headlines
October 16, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Like (Dennis Allen said), keep your name out of the headlines.
Charles Woodson

ALAMEDA – Players left Raiders headquarters on Wednesday afternoon for the only extended break until the offseason. They get four consecutive days off during the bye week, where the Raiders can rest, relax, and get away from the regular-season grind.

Players are free to vacation and get away from the game anywhere they want. There is, however, one limitation.

“You can have a little fun and relax, but you have to keep it cool. Don’t put yourself in a bad position,” veteran free safety Charles Woodson said. “Like (Dennis Allen said), keep your name out of the headlines.”

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The Raiders have been squeaky clean since training camp, with no off-field distractions to speak of. They’d like to keep it that way with players out of their direct control during much needed time off.

Raiders veterans didn’t practice this week – younger players went through two light workouts – in the interest of having them come back refreshed and ready to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Oct. 27.

“We had a couple good days of work with the young guys,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said “We went through some maintenance stuff for the veteran players. We’ll still use these next few days, those guys with injuries, they’ll be here getting their rehab, but the guys that are healthy will get a little bit of time off, get a chance to rest up a little bit, relax with their families and be ready to go next week for Pittsburgh.”