Campbell: 'I have to respond'


Campbell: 'I have to respond'

Jason Campbell spoke with the media for the first time since his season-ending clavicle injury Friday, joining The Drive on 95.7 The GAME. Here is a transcript of Campbell's interview.

On the injury:

Its frustrating. Id like be out with my teammates on Sunday.

Did you have a Why me? moment?

Coming over here was a fresh start... I felt great about coming here... This year started off really good. Overcoming so many obstacles... losing Mr. Davis. Still winning... Its such a big year for me and our team... Its not a time for me to get negative or down. I have to respond... get my health right. Once I get healthy, well see what happens from that standpoint.
On the play versus Cleveland in which he was hurt:
I knew if I cant get the read I wanted that Id probably have to run for the first down... Then Cleveland LB Scott Fujita tackled me, he landed right on top of me... the only thing I felt was a bone just crack. And I knew at the time it was my collarbone... One part of the collarbone was up and the other was down... It had broken in tow... I knew I was hurt... but just wanted to know how long? Just kept asking how long?

How much did Coach Hue Jackson talk to you about the Carson Palmer trade?

I didnt really get a chance to talk to him before the trade happened. I had surgery Sunday night... so I still didnt really know what happened. Started getting text messages... theres been a trade... and thats when I saw what happened. As a player in this league, you cant worry about the things that go on from a business side of things... you know what youre worth... you know what youve done for this franchise since you got here

My goal is to get back as healthy as possible when I can... dont get caught up with all the things going on and whats being said because we all dont know. I dont want to put myself in a position where Im stressing about stuff I dont need to be worrying about.

Do you feel disenfranchised based on the chance that youll be back this season?

...It upsets you to a point, but youve been in these shoes before... You just dont ever know whats going to happen... dont get caught up in it.

What was going through your mind when you saw the Hue Jackson Carson Palmer press conference?
I was halfway still on pain medicine. It was kind of a moment of silence. My fianc looked at me to see if I was gonna say something. Theres different things that go through your mind but you dont want to fill your mind with those thoughts... My whole mindset right now is to keep things as positive as possible... I want to be as supportive as to them my teammates as they were to me... Everything will work itself out.

Can Carson Palmer come in and play this Sunday?

...Theyd have to cut down some of the playbook because we do a lot of different shifts and motions to try to keep defenses on their heels and from that standpoint, you have to try to do things thats easy for him and at the same point, he can adjust to because hes been out of football for awhile... They will definitely have to simplify a lot of the offense.
What has Coach Hue Jackson said to you about your future with the team?

He said Dont worry about any of the things out there being said... just worry about getting healthy. I still believe in you. We brought you here. Youve done everything weve asked of you. You helped turn the franchise around. Youre winning. Youre playing good. Dont get frustrated... just focus on getting back healthy and move forward.
How are you thinking about moving forward for the rest of the season?

My standpoint is that Ive built such a relationship with these guys. Im very close to a lot of the guys on the team... and its hard not to be there with them. My standpoint is I dont know what the future holds... My goal is that when Im healthy and get back on the field, and play, and play well, and then well see what happens.

How would you sum up Raider Nation to Carson Palmer?

First, I appreciate everything that Raider Nation has done since Ive been injured... as a player, you really take that to heart. My family, they really appreciate it. When you come here, to the Raiders, this is a real fan base... Im so happy for them to see a football team... to give them something to cheer about.

Notes: Del Rio wants Raiders to reflect inward after ugly loss in Washington

Notes: Del Rio wants Raiders to reflect inward after ugly loss in Washington

ALAMEDA – Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio gives his players Monday off. Tuesday is generally an in-season rest day, but the Silver and Black get the day after a game to be away from the facility.

“There’s some raw emotion on the day after the game, so I think that helps you maybe teach a little better,” Del Rio said in his Monday press conference. Things need to be taught. That’s one of the biggest benefits to the structure.”

Del Rio called this a "miserable Monday," where his team will be widely criticized for a disatrous 27-10 loss to Washington. 

They’ll spend one more day reviewing it during what Del Rio dubs “Tell the Truth Tuesday." It won't be terribly fun, especially after getting outplayed and outcoached.

It’s a day for corrections, development and one last look back before pouring focus forward the Denver Broncos.

The Washington loss only counts as one. It can become two if that game’s hangover lasts all week. Del Rio is good keeping his players locked on the next task.

He’ll also have to keep them from pressing like they did in Washington.

“We were really looking for that spark, probably pressing early in the game,” Del Rio said. “Offensively, we got out of rhythm. We threw, in the first four drives, two picks and two three-and-outs. We weren’t in rhythm, obviously. They executed. It really wasn’t anything overwhelming. They played some solid, basic coverage and we didn’t execute and they did. It’s just one of those days. It’s an opportunity to learn. Recognize what went wrong.”

Explaining what went awry will be key this Tuesday. There was a lot. Quarterback Derek Carr tried to put the team on his back, to no avail. Carr had a rare dud, and took full responsibility for the loss after the game.

“That’s good for all of us,” Del Rio said. “To me, that’s what we need to do. It starts with me, obviously there are a lot of things that each guy can look at and say ‘this is what I can do better.’ That’s what I want. I want us to reflect inward and see how we can do things ourselves better and then pull together as a team. Stick together, pull together and go forward. That’s what you do.”

Keeping an eye on Crabtree:
Receiver Michael Crabtree took a big hit to the chest from Montae Nicholson on Sunday night and did not return to the game. That leaves his availability in some question.

“We’ll take a close look at him and make sure there’s nothing significant going on,” Del Rio said. “I know the doctors cleared for him to travel with us coming back which was good. He took a good shot. It was a clean hit, a good shot. Crab’s a tough guy so I’m sure he’ll bounce back.”

More Marshawn?
Raiders lead running back Marshawn Lynch only touched the ball seven times at Washington. He had six carries for 18 yards and an eight-yard catch. That isn’t enough for this Raiders offense to function well, but Sunday was a unique circumstance. The Raiders fell behind early and couldn’t sustain drives.

“When you have as many three-and-outs and you only take 50 snaps of offense, you can talk about all the things that you left on the drawing board that you would have liked to have gotten to,” Del Rio said. “Certainly, there was a lot of offense that we had designed to get to, including touches for him, but 0-for-11 on third down says all you need to know. When you’re talking about, does your running back get a chance to run it as much as you’d like, when you’re 0-for-11 on third down you’re not going to get a lot of opportunities anywhere with your offense.”

Norman targets Crabtree, Cooper in postgame rant after Raiders loss


Norman targets Crabtree, Cooper in postgame rant after Raiders loss

Josh Norman isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially about opposing receivers who he feels slight him in some way.

Raiders wideouts Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper were his latest targets, subjects of a postgame rant following Washington’s 27-10 victory over the Silver and Black.

Washington’s premier cornerback said the duo talked trash to him during pregame warmups about big numbers they planned to post against Washington’s secondary.

That didn’t happen in an awful day for the Raiders offense. Crabtree had one seven-yard catch on the night and two drops. Cooper was even worse, with a six-yard catch on five targets and a crucial drop.

That gave Norman license to fire at the typically reserved Raiders receiving corps. Norman says he took the pregame exchange personally.

"What was personal, other than them getting their tails whupped?" Norman said, with quotes via "I mean, first and foremost, you don't come up in here and say what you're going to put up on somebody. Two hundred yards? (Crabtree) didn't catch two balls. He only caught one, huh? So please, whatever you do, do not run your mouth if you're a wide receiver and expect to show up on Sundays, because I'm telling you, we are here and we are waiting.

"Don't come out here and tell me what you're going to do. Show me. You're going to have to run through me to get that."

It’s hard to imagine the quiet, often stoic Cooper inciting a rivalry with words. Crabtree has had a previous squabble with Seahawks corner Richard Sherman back when he was with the 49ers, but even he's typically quiet during the course of a game.

"Sherm was right,” Norman said. “(Crabtree) ain't going to say he's sorry, but I don't think he's sorry," Norman said. "He sucked, to be honest with you. You don't come out here and do that extra stuff, man. We don't play that out here."

Norman had several public exchanges with rival receivers, and may find motivation from these beefs.

"Whatever that young cat said, Coop, go and take it back," Norman said. "Crabtree? I have nothing to say to you. Yes, I may be Cover 2, but I'm Cover 1 too. I'm Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3 and Cover 4. All of them. All of the ingredients to make a perfect attack. We do all the extra stuff. When you come out on this field, you going to see about us."