Cutting Wimbley would save Raiders 17.5M


Cutting Wimbley would save Raiders 17.5M

While the NFL Network is reporting the Raiders will cut linebacker Kamerion Wimbley if he does not agree to a restructure of his contract, figures obtained by seemingly show the savings against this year's NFL salary cap would be relatively minimal -- somewhere between 1.95 million and 4.5 million.The true savings would come in future years.

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Because while Pro Football Talk has reported that 6.5 million of Wimbley's 11-million base salary for 2012 is already guaranteed, the remaining 4.5 million becomes guaranteed if he is still on the roster on March 17. Plus, if Wimbley is still on the roster on that date, his entire 11 million base salary for 2013 becomes guaranteed, as well as 2 million of his 10 million salary for 2014. His 11.5 base salary for 2015 reportedly is not guaranteed.In essence, and as the contract is currently structured, Wimbley is guaranteed 24 million over the next three seasons if he is on the Raiders' roster on March 17.Cutting Wimbley before March 17 would save the Raiders 17.5 million going forward.
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Wimbley also has cap numbers of 11.85, 11.85, 10.85 and 12.25 million in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, respectively.What is still floating are Wimbley's "prorated amounts" of 850,000 per year, hence the discrepancy in savings a cut of Wimbley would mean for the Raiders this season. For example, sans the 6.5 million already guaranteed Wimbley, cutting him would have saved the Raiders 8.45 million against the cap this year.
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According to Adam Caplan of, "The reason why the Raiders set up the structure of the extension he signed last August was to get him off his franchise (tag) salary of over 11.3 million for 2011. They were able to lower his base salary from that total to just 750,000. And by agreeing to do this, Wimbley would pocket roughly 300,000 extra. Agents andor players wont normally agree to a restructuring (more or less a favor in some instances) unless theres something, albeit small, in it for them. And they shouldnt. Why blame the agent or player for a good deal for them but bad for the team? The team is the side that writes the check(s)."Consider: the Raiders currently have 142,514,984 devoted to the cap, which has yet to be announced, though if it is last year's figure of 120.375 million, Oakland is more than 22 million over. The deadline to get under the capo is March 13 at 1 p.m. PT.Further examination of the Raiders' budget shows approximately how much the team could save against the cap in 2012 by cutting certain playersWimbley -- 1,900,000-4,500,000LB Aaron Curry -- 5,757,500FS Michael Huff -- 4,342,500 (roster bonus of 4 million due on March 15)DT Tommy Kelly -- 3,125,730TE Kevin Boss -- 2,500,000DT John Henderson -- 4,000,000CB Chris Johnson -- 3,500,000RG Cooper Carlisle -- 2,700,000FS Hiram Eugene -- 2,450,000

Donald Penn: Raiders players trust McKenzie will add right pieces

Donald Penn: Raiders players trust McKenzie will add right pieces

The Raiders were pretty darn good last season. A 12-4 record proved that point. There was plenty of talent on a team with a penchant for high-wire acts in victory that masked the fact there were holes on the roster.

They need to be filled for the Raiders to improve in 2017, and new players will be imported through free agency and the draft.

Left tackle Donald Penn is excited to see who gets added, but said there’s no doubt talent is coming to Oakland. He speaks for Raiders players, who have faith that general manager Reggie McKenzie will make the right moves.

“Things that Reggie has done in past drafts have been great, and we’re looking forward to seeing what he brings back towards us,” Penn said recently during an in-studio appearance on NFL Network. “We can’t wait to get back out there healthy. We’re ready to hit the football world with a storm.”

While new guys are coming, a few might head out. The Raiders have several unrestricted free agents. Penn wants to keep his guys around – he mentioned running back Latavius Murray by name -- though he has some ideas for McKenzie’s checklist.

The Raiders don’t need much with most key players under contract – the Raiders should be less active in free agency over past offseasons – but a few key components could put this team over the top.

“If we stick to Reggie’s plan, we’ll be great,” Penn said. “I know he’s going to have a great draft, add a couple little pieces here and there – maybe somebody in the secondary to help out a little bit.

"On offense, you could always use a weapon. Maybe we get another receiver to take (pressure off Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper), but we have a good nucleus right now.”

Raiders LT Donald Penn: QB Derek Carr 'almost 100 percent'

Raiders LT Donald Penn: QB Derek Carr 'almost 100 percent'

Derek Carr is on the mend. The Raiders franchise quarterback had surgery to repair his fibula shortly after he broke it in a Week 16 victory over Indianapolis, and is recovering well during the offseason.

Carr insisted on intense rehab this winter in an attempt – however unlikely it may have been – to return should the Raiders have played in the Super Bowl. It slowed to a normal pace after the Raiders' loss at Houston in the postseason’s opening round, but those in contact with him say he’s making strides.

Left tackle Donald Penn was recently in contact with Carr, and provided an update on Monday during an in-studio appearance on NFL Network.

“I texted Derek (a few) days ago checking in,” Penn said, “and he said he’s almost 100 percent.”

Surgically-repaired broken filbulas take significant time to heal, and the Raiders plan to be conservative with their MVP candidate during the offseason. Derek Carr’s brother and NFL Network analyst David Carr, who was on set with Penn on Monday, said Derek could be back for offseason work.

“He’s doing good,” David Carr said. “He’s walking around already, stretching it out. You can’t do a lot for the bone, right? But he’s going to be back. He’s going to get a whole full offseason in. That’s going to be the best part.”