Exclusive: Jackson reacts to firing

January 10, 2012, 7:29 pm
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Hue Jackson said he was shocked by his firing as head coach of the Raiders, a move that was made by new GM Reggie McKenzie in a Tuesday morning meeting.

"You know I did everything possible to keep my job," Jackson told Comcast SportsNet California. "McKenzie told me I am not in his plans for the future."

In an exclusive conversation, Jackson said he was called into McKenzie's office, and was told, "We no longer need your services."

According to Jackson, he asked why the decision had been made and McKenzie told him that it was his intent to start from scratch.

"I'm going to bring in my own guys," Jackson said he was told.

Jackson said he asked McKenzie if he was being let go because of his coaching or his relationship with Raiders players and McKenzie refused to go deep in detail, but said it had nothing to do with rumors of a bad relationship with the players.

Jackson would not discuss the length of his conversation with McKenzie. He did say that he was given plenty of time to explain to McKenzie why he should remain atop the coaching pyramid in Oakland.

Agent Kennard McGuire represents both McKenzie and Jackson. He spoke with Comcast SportsNet California following Jackson's dismissal, and said that according to his knowledge of the situation, the decision did not come from the new general manager.

McGuire said in the past several days he had told both McKenzie and Jackson the same thing, which is that Jackson's job appeared to be safe.