Forbes ranks values of all 32 NFL teams

September 6, 2012, 10:42 pm
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You could almost buy threeJacksonville Jaguars teams for the price of oneDallas Cowboys team.So says Forbes Magazine after it released its 2012 NFL team valuationson Wednesday.Jerry Jones Cowboys were No. 1 by a longshot,valued at 2.1 billion. And as long as were talking about teams the locals tend tohate, interestingly enough, the Los Angeles Dodgers were recently sold to agroup of investors for 2.15 billion. Evil Empires, anyone?But back to football. The Jacksonville Jaguars brought upthe rear in NFL values, the Jags listed at a puny 770 million.
We know our Bay Area fans want to know about the 49ers and Raiders values, so here we go:49ers value: 1.18billion (9th in NFL overall)

The 49ers brokeground in April on a new 1.2 billion stadium in Santa Clara that the team expects to be readyfor the 2014 season. The city will own the stadium and borrow 850 million tobuild it. The debt is expected to be paid off by selling seat licenses, stadiumnaming rights and rent paid by the 49ers. The new stadium will have 68,500seats and 165 luxury suites. The value of the 49ers is up 19 versus last year.RELATED: Andy Dolich So you want to own a pro sports franchise?Raiders value:785 million (30th in NFLoverall and No. 4 in the AFC West)
Forbes:Al Davis acted ascoach, general manager or owner of the Raiders for nearly 50 years before hedied in October, leaving team to his son Mark. The team was well-supported in2011 as no games were blacked out on local TV for the first time since 1995.The Raiders still desperately need a better stadium solution as stadiumrevenues were the lowest in the NFL in 2011.Heres a breakdown of the NFC West and AFC West team valuesas reported by Forbes:
NFC West
1) 49ers, 1.18 billion
2) Seattle Seahawks, 1.04 billion
3) Arizona Cardinals, 922 million
4) St. Louis Rams, 780 million

AFC West
1) Denver Broncos 1.13 billion
2) Kansas City Chiefs 1.01 billion
3) San Diego Chargers 936 million
4) Raiders 785 million
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