Frustrated Jackson asks NFL about Suh's helmet removal


Frustrated Jackson asks NFL about Suh's helmet removal

ALAMEDA -- Yes, Raider Nation, Hue Jackson is just as frustrated as you are with the record-pacing blizzard of yellow flags thrown at the Raiders this season.In fact, the rookie coach also noticed Detroit's Ndamukong Suh removing his helmet immediately after he blocked Sebastian Janikowski's game-winning 65-yard field goal attempt on Sunday, which, according to the book, could have been called a penalty on the Lions, who escaped with the 28-27 victory.

"Yeah, I could tell you a couple things that happened prior to that, too, that didn't get called," Jackson said. "I'm not surprised anymore. Not that I'm -- I think you guys know I'm not bashing the officials. I'm not saying that.
"There's all kinds of things that I think throughand people give you the blank stare, like, 'What are you talking about? Where did that come from?' But that's part of it, too. Youll learn as you continue to move forward and get better through all those things. But that being said, we all have to get better."Had Suh been flagged for removing his helmet on the field, a 15-yard penalty would have been assessed and don't you think the Raiders would have liked Janikowski's chances from 50 yards?Jackson said he addressed the league, not only on Suh's helmet removal, but on several instances. Jackson famously questioned the referees following Oakland's victory at Minnesota on Nov. 20."Oh yeah, thats what I'm saying," Jackson said. "I brought all those things up, but at the end of the day the game's over. Like I told you, we get all these reports back. If I showed you guys the reports we get back, maybe people wouldn't be so pissed about all the penalties we do get. Maybe people would understand that maybe some of those thingsshould have been called the other way."Asked if he would show those reports, Jackson laughed and said reporters were "still going to write what you write. I respect that."With league-leading figures in penalties (140) and penalty yardage (1,202), the Raiders are on pace for 160 penalties for 1,374 yards, which would eclipse the 158 penalties for 1,304 yards committed by the 1998 Kansas City Chiefs."We're not going to cry sour grapes," Jackson said. "When we get good enough, as I keep saying, that won't be the issue for this football team. But I don't tell our players what I just said. I never would because it's not about that. At the end of the day we got called, and we've got to make sure we put ourselves in position where we don't get called."Specifically, though, about that Suh-helmet issue, replays showed the helmet coming off at almost the exact moment the clock struck zero. At least, that's what Jackson was told."Yeah, the game was over," Jackson said. "They had blown end of regulation. So it's like going to shake somebody's hand. But it looked like it was close. You think there was a block, he was running down the field, take your helmet off. It was inconclusive as they say. That's the way it goes."

Del Rio’s anxiety level up with trio of Raiders going extreme in New Zealand


Del Rio’s anxiety level up with trio of Raiders going extreme in New Zealand

Raiders Pro Bowl left guard Kelechi Osemele, running back Taiwan Jones and safety Brynden Trawick are currently enjoying their offseason in New Zealand. 

But a few videos they posted going white-water rafting and bungee jumping left head coach Jack Del Rio a bit anxious. 

"Anxiety level went up a bit thinking of my BIG pro bowl LG on the rapids!!" Del Rio tweeted Monday. "Can't leave out Brynden or Taiwan either ... have fun and be safe"

Osemele has posted a handful of photos and videos from the trip, including one of a raft capsizing with the caption: "It got real out there!!! Category 4 Rapids #NewZealand." Another showed the 6-foot-5, 333-pounder doing a backflip off a bungee platform with the caption: "Just did a backflip off the highest swing in the WORLD!!!!!!! Crazy!!! #LivingLife"

Report: Former Raiders RB arrested for domestic violence


Report: Former Raiders RB arrested for domestic violence

Trent Richardson is reportedly in some trouble.

Richardson was arrested on Thursday night for domestic violence, according to TMZ Sports.

The former running back was taken into custody on a third degree charge, the report states, with bail being set for $1,000.

The arrest was made in Hoover, Alabama.

The Browns selected Richardson with the third overall pick in the 2012 draft.

He was traded to the Colts in 2013 and played for Indianapolis in 2014.

He signed with the Raiders in 2015 and appeared in three exhibition games, but did not make the team.

The 26-year old was cut by the Ravens last August.