Janikowski finds flaw in game tape

Janikowski on King's holds: 'There's no issue at all'

Janikowski finds flaw in game tape
November 26, 2013, 9:15 am
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Marquette did a great job all the way around. We’re cool.
Sebastian Janikowski on Marquette King

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ALAMEDA – Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski rarely watches game tape. Doesn’t need to. Not normally, anyway. Field goals typically fly true without it.

Sunday night was an exception. Janikowski’s film session followed two crucial misses in Sunday’s 23-19 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Janikowski failed to score six points in a four-point result, the just the fourth time in his career he missed more than once in a game.

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It was two of seven this year, as many as he missed in two previous seasons. Something was wrong, and Janikowski was hell-bent on fixing it.

He watched every field-goal attempt from this season and last. After two-and-a-half hours, a pattern emerged. It had little to do with holder Marquette King, who has been shared blame for Janikowski’s struggles.

“I watched film from this year, every kick, and last year,” Janikowski said after Monday’s evening practice. “It seems like my step, I’m off to the side, I’m too wide. My plant foot is way ahead. I’m just not finishing.”

Janikowski has missed six of seven from the left hash, and all of them sailed wide left.

“That’s what everybody is talking about,” Janikowski said. “I don’t care which hash it is. It’s just like I said, I’m not finishing the kick. I’m taking the step the wrong way, too wide.”

Janikowski excused King despite mentioning to radio sideline reporter and former teammate Lincoln Kennedy that the hold was at issue on his 48-yard miss. Kennedy relayed the account on the live broadcast.

When asked about the incident, he referred questions to King and head coach Dennis Allen. It seemed an odd answer, although he complimented King’s effort.

“Marquette did a great job all the way around,” Janikowski said. “We’re cool.”

Janikowksi took full responsibility for a lackluster campaign. It might not be for most, but the veteran kicker set the bar extremely high. Being the highest-paid kicker will do that to a man.

He hasn’t shied away from them, and wants to get right back to work. That’ll happen in Dallas on Thursday, which can’t come quick enough. Now that he’s found a technical glitch, Janikowski wants to right the ship right away.

“I wish I could play today,” Janikowski said. “I want to go out there and play Dallas right now. I want to redeem myself."