Marcel Reece bids farewell from Pro Bowl, Hawaii

Marcel Reece bids farewell from Pro Bowl, Hawaii
January 29, 2014, 12:30 pm
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Marcel Reece poses with Raiderette of the Year, Tori. (BOB CARR)

Editor's note: Raiders running back Marcel Reece is sending us words, pictures and video during his Pro Bowl trip to Hawaii. 

What's good Raider Nation?

Just got back home from Hawaii on Monday. Hope you guys enjoyed watching the Pro Bowl. We had to deal with a little Hawaiian rain, but no big deal. For me, the game didn't go as planned; we should have won! Unfortunately, Team Rice made a big play when it mattered the most. I wasn't too surprised at my role in the offense -- got it to me early...just not often. Shout out to Drew (Brees) though, I guess it was obvious he listened to the few conversations we had during the week about where the ball was supposed to go, ha.

The new format was fun -- brought excitement. We had a good game and even some drama. I was mostly surprised there weren't more points scored. Both defenses played well, but I was pissed I didn't get to do my touchdown dance.

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During the game, did you guys see the lady that ran onto the field? When I first saw her, I was a little confused and wondering if anyone was going to come get her. I gave her a little chest bump, but I didn't want to hurt her so I didn't jump. But I thought it was really funny and glad she didn't get arrested. Come to find out she did it for a pretty cool reason and Prime (Deion Sanders) ended up keeping her out of jail. So I'm glad I have her the mini bump! Check out the video:

As always, we had a great turnout of Raider Fans. You guys are the best in the league, I love ya'll!!

I want to make sure to congratulate Raiderette Tori for being named Raiderette of the year, and doing a great job representing the Silver and Black at the Pro Bowl.

I won't give too many details, but I did do a little recruiting for free agency for the Raiders, so we'll what comes of it soon. But as you can see in the picture, I tried to get Kyle Long used to holding a Raiders Helmet. I even had a little Silver and Black discussion with "Big Howie." Kyle knows where home is.

All in all the week was great. I was happy my brothers were able to come out, it always nice spending time with my fam. But now that it's all over I'm ready to get back to Raider business.

I am so grateful and blessed to be in the position I am in and I give all the praise and the glory to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Raider Nation, thank you again! Al Davis had a vision and we will get back to that. Without you, it is not possible. Remember a Raider -- a real Raider -- never gives up or gives in, we fight til the end and we will always come out on top!!!

-- Cel 45


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