Marcel Reece's Pro Bowl diary

Marcel Reece's Pro Bowl diary
January 25, 2014, 9:00 am
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Here is another one of our faithfuls in his crisp 4-5 jersey and his little daughter who just wanted a hug (check her smile out!). (Marcel Reece)

Marcel Reece, special guest blogger

Editor's note: Raiders running back Marcel Reece is sending us words, pictures and video during his Pro Bowl trip to Hawaii. We'll be adding a bit more from Marcel's trip here each day. 

What's up Raider Nation? I've been in Hawaii since Tuesday and I can definitely say it never gets old.

I love the scenery and the people even more. But I have to admit, I am missing my wife and anticipating the birth of my beautiful daughter. I was undecided on coming out this year, but got reassurance I wouldn't miss the birth of my baby girl, so I felt secure enough to be able to represent the Silver and Black.

This picture is of a faithful little member of The Nation. He was the dopest little kid, he actually printed out a picture that he and I took last year and had me sign it:

My time here has been great so far. I like how the league switched it up this year and held a draft, it makes for an interesting and exciting game, although I did enjoy representing the AFC!

After conversations before the draft I knew it was inevitable that I would be on team Prime, but it was still a humbling experience when he drafted me in the first round, especially because I was NEVER drafted into the NFL. I always dreamed being in the green room on draft day, and it was cool to finally have that happen.

We have some play makers on our team, and we¹re ready to take down team Rice!

My highlight of the day was meeting a kid named Koal'uka, who is a vision impaired young raiders fan. We had a great time running around and playing football.It's gratifying when you're around kids and they're so innocent and playful, and they're just so happy to be there -- to see the smiles on their faces puts a smile on mine. It takes you away from the reality of a stressful world:

Today was the first day of practice and it was held at Pearl Harbor which was pretty cool. It was laid back but overall went well. Like the beast I am, I learned the playbook in a few hours --  lol!

It's always fun to get a feel for different tempos, and when everyone's a great player on your team, the tempo of the game is so fast, and it just makes for a fun, clean, and perfect practice. As you know, Andrew Luck is our quarterback, he better throw me the dang ball. Really, I told him anytime he sees me he better throw me the dang ball. lol.. We'll see if he listens.

It was an honor to snap a shot with some naval officers here -- thank you for your service!

One of my favorite things to do is to give back to the community, and I was able to do just that with the Pearl Harbor Play 60 event on Wednesday. We ran kids through drills, hung out, talked to them, signed autographs, took pictures, and most importantly promoted what Play 60 is all about and that's encouraging kids to live a healthy lifestyle......Here is another one of our faithfuls in his Crisp 4-5 jersey and his little daughter who just wanted a hug (check her smile out!):

A humorous moment at the Play 60 event was seeing Cam Newton try to give a kid a high five and the kid left him hanging-- haha. I saw Cam with his hand still up in the air like -- what? OK....So I ran across the field and gave him a high five so he wouldn't be left hanging. It was comedy. Here are a few of my fans at the Play 60 event:


Yooooo Raider Nation!!  Let me update you on my past couple of days in Hawaii.

Wasn't too eventful.  As far as football goes, we took team and individual pictures, and overall practice went well.

Outside of practice I've been keeping it low key for the most part.  I haven't done much sightseeing,  I left the sightseeing to the Hawaii rookies (my brothers). I consider myself a Hawaii vet, I'm looking forward to getting my residency next year, if ya know what i mean, haha.   But really, It's good to have some of my brothers in town for support, I know they're enjoying their time here and looking forward to watching me play Sunday.

Friday night my brothers and I had dinner with my boy and  teammate Taiwan Jones at Nobu in Waikiki.  Food was bomb.   Then we met up with my good potna, rapper Too Short who was putting on a show in Waikiki.  He killed it of course.  Always good to see him.

Today I woke up early and went to our final practice at Aloha stadium.  It was more of a fun practice for fans who were able to watch and get autographs, but it was also fun for the players because there were live interviews, video spots, and I did a lot of "video" bombing.  JJ Watt was doing some video shoot where they had him "uncomfortably" flexing his biceps, so I jumped in.  I mean I had to help him out, I think he appreciated it.  I also video bombed Jamaal Charles while he was shooting something for the Cartoon Network.  It was all in fun.  

Jamaal was mic'd up at practice today, so we had to keep everything we said PG rated.  I kept telling him that he was the "feds".  LOL.  He had me rolling though, dancing to songs, etc… We had a good time.

Deion Sanders is still super competitive.  It was cool seeing him on the field doing DB drills at practice, but he did drop his first pass so I had to get on him a little bit.  But  man, he looks ready to play.  He's going to sneak on the field one way or the other.

Tonight my brothers and I are meeting up with Taiwan again, and we're going to have dinner with Willie Brown.  It's a tradition to have dinner with him at least one night during Pro Bowl week.   He gives a big speech at the end of dinner in the middle of the restaurant, it's definitely always motivational.

So it's the night before the Pro Bowl, and I've been thinking, if they give me the ball enough, I'm going for that car, I'm going for MVP.  It's my pro bowl goal to be the first fullback to win MVP.  Oh and when I score, bet I'll be c walking.  Either way, I think we're going to win by 21, Team Prime baby!