Mark Davis shows the Raiders are his team

January 11, 2012, 3:03 am
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I had a chance to talk to Raiders owner Mark Davis one-on-one for a TV interview. He told me he had wanted to tell me more about the personnel moves, but was worried about the competition taking note. His answer reminded me of actions his father might have taken, as he was afraid of initially throwing out names, the small knit NFL community would jump on it, other teams would take notice.There has been, and will continue to be a lot of discussion about Mark Davis' role. Today, he showed ownership, and cleared up any question that this is his team. In his first time addressing the media since his father's passing, he was eloquent, he showed a bit of humor, and a lot of knowledge.Davis made it clear that GM Reggie McKenzie will be bringing in his own guy to replace Hue Jackson, while he will focused more on the logistics of the team. As for moving the team, he made it clear that Oakland is a priority, but that places like Santa Clara are a possibility if he feels it will help the team compete. Make no question -- Mark Davis has ties to the Bay Area, but he is a businessman.