Marvin Lewis' job is to beat former QB Palmer

November 20, 2012, 7:00 am
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The Cincinnati Bengals held a press conference on Monday during which head coach Marvin Lewis fielded some questions concerning his former quarterback Carson Palmer in advance of the Bengals' matchup with Oakland this coming Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.


What are your thoughts on Carson Palmers return to Cincinnati this weekend? What have you said to the players?

Lewis: Theres no reason for them to answer questions. About 30 of them (current Bengals players) were never here with Carson 30 of 53. That tells you how quickly things change in the NFL.

But obviously he did have a significant role here
Just like any other player who was here. Now hes not here, so our job is to beat the Oakland Raiders and Carson Palmer come Sunday. Thats part of what were here for.

Do you still have any kind of relationship with Carson Palmer, have you guys spoken?

Weve spoken by text since hes left, but its not really proper in the NFL to be carrying on (conversations) with people on other peoples teams its frowned upon in what we do. Carson had a good career here. His family is great wife, kids but he no longer plays here. I dont think we need to spend any more time talking about it. Its no different from any other player that played here and comes back. Its part of the NFL and professional sports.