McGloin comfortable in cold weather

Allen on McGloin: 'He's done everything like a real pro'

McGloin comfortable in cold weather
December 7, 2013, 11:45 am
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I grew up in the East my whole life, so I’m used to playing in the cold weather.
Matt McGloin

NEW YORK -- The Raiders have a 40-percent chance of playing Sunday’s game in the snow. It’s in the forecast for their matchup with the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, and could accompany temperatures in the low 30s.

Quarterback Matt McGloin is looking forward to it. His fourth NFL start will come in conditions he’s used to playing in. After all, his amateur athletic career was spent in often-frigid east Pennsylvania. He went to West Scranton High and Penn State, schools where cold was part of the game.

That should give the Raiders advantage where fair-weather teams typically falter. The cold typically impacts quarterbacks the most, making it tougher to throw. That won’t bother McGloin one bit.

“I’m used to it,” McGloin said. “I grew up in the East my whole life, so I’m used to playing in the cold weather. I’m used to the grip of the ball, how it feels, how to keep your hands warm and moist, things like that. So that won’t be too much of an adjustment for me.”

That allows coordinator Greg Olson to call a normal game. So does the wind. It used to howl through the Meadowlands, especially through the old Giants Stadium. That, above all other factors, gives quarterbacks fits. The wind isn’t expected to gust on Sunday, which makes a cold-weather game manageable.

So does McGloin, who neutralizes any additional home-field advantage the weather may give.

“We have a quarterback right now who has played in inclement weather and played in the Big 10,” Olson said. “They get a lot of that kind of weather there, so you don’t really allow that to be an excuse or a distraction. It is what it is, and they know right now going into it that it’s going to be cold and there is going to be a chance of snow flurries, so you just keep playing.”