McKenzie not upset with Raiders' draft situation

April 9, 2012, 11:33 pm
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New GM Reggie McKenzie is presiding over a Raiders draft that has no first, second, third, fourth or seventh-round picks. According to Sports Illustrated's veteran NFL writer Peter King it's "one of the worst draft-choice pools in NFL history."

McKenzie spoke to King about the team's plan for the April 26-29 draft, and indicated he is not disappointed or frustrated the Raiders' limited options.

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"Never thought, 'Woe is me,' '' McKenzie told King in a recent telephone conversation. "Not once. Never thought I shouldn't take the job because of things like that either. It never entered my mind. I just figured, 'We'll find players.' I know how to find players. I've been in Green Bay when we found Mark Tauscher and Donald Driver late in drafts, and found Tramon Williams on the street, and signed Charles Woodson in free agency. It can be done.''

King wrote that he asked McKenzie if he wished he could have the Carson Palmer trade back. "You can beat that doggone story 'til it's worn out,'' said McKenzie. "But I know this: We've got a quarterback we think can win the division and take us to the playoffs. Losing a one and a two doesn't bother me one bit."

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McKenzie told the magazine that he feels honored to be the first person in almost half a century other than Al Davis to be running the Raiders' draft. "This is a new day in the Raider organization,'' he said. "Coach Davis, he knew football. I relish the chance to follow him and get this team back where it belongs.''