Nnamdi: Raiders didnt try

September 21, 2011, 7:02 pm
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Nnamdi Asomugha is firmly entrenched on a Super Bowl contending team this season. Hes removed from his Oakland days and now the Raiders are left with a major hole in their secondary.Today on ESPN, the former Raiders All-Pro cornerback said it wasnt his decision to leave to Oakland because he was never offered a deal to return. Theres a lot that went into it. It was bigger than it seemed, Asomugha told the panel.He was peppered about his decision to fly East to Philadelphia to collect a mega-deal from the Eagles. It wasnt necessarily my decision to leave, he said when asked about the move. Once the doors opened (after the lockout) they werent around so I didnt have a choice to make. In order to give a hometown discount you have to be offered something.Asomugha has one interception so far this season in an all-star secondary. Meanwhile, the Raiders were torched by Ryan Fitzpatrick as he threw for five touchdown passes in the second half on Sunday. So did they Raiders really not want him back in the fold?If you want a car at a dealership and you dont have enough money you cant get it. That doesnt mean you dont want it, Asomugha said.
He also says he has not spoken to Al Davis directly since he signed on in Philadelphia.