No more pads in practice for Raiders


No more pads in practice for Raiders

ALAMEDA -- One of the little-known provisions of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that ended the NFL lockout this summer was the limited number of padded practices teams could hold during the regular season.The number reportedly agreed upon was 14. In a 17-week season.The Raiders, with three games to go and in the middle of a playoff race, have reached their allotment of padded practices."Oh yeah, we have," Raiders coach Hue Jackson said with a sly smile following Thursday's practice. "It was, I think, last week. There's no more of those and that's the way the league is. I respect that. We're not going to break any rules. We're going to do it right. But, boy, I'd sure like to have (pads) on."

So while no more live hitting in practice might save the players' bodies at the end of a long, grueling, injury-filled season, the skill of actual tackling might diminish, right?Plus, the art of coaching has had to change, too, no?"Yeah, I mean, you have to adjust to it, because there's times when you need pads to sharpen certain things and sharpen fundamentals where you have to say, 'OK, you can't do it this way, but that's OK,'" Jackson said."The emphasis is still the safety of the player, to make sure they haven't been worn down, or grounded down, asa lot of people think they've been in the past. It's still football. At the end of the day you're going to play the game in pads; I think you need to practice in pads. Hopefully, as we move forward, maybe someone will look at some of this from an adjustment standpoint sothere are no potential injuries as you move forward later in the season."

Derek Carr approves of Tiger Woods' new pool table


Derek Carr approves of Tiger Woods' new pool table

Tiger Woods' re-felted pool table is for all of Raider Nation.

To no surprise, quarterback Derek Carr approves of the new look. 

The golf legend tweeted a picture of his new table where he went with silver felt and a Raiders logo right in the middle. Woods' table also has silver and black balls with the Raiders logo on them. 

Woods grew up in Southern California and attended Stanford in 1994, the Raiders' last year in Los Angeles. That same year, Woods helped the Cardinal become the NCAA Division I golf champions before turning pro.

After eating her food as kid, Lynch purchasing restaurant from 79-year-old


After eating her food as kid, Lynch purchasing restaurant from 79-year-old

Marshawn Lynch first tasted Cassie Nickelson's food when he was nine years old while she catered out of her Oakland apartment.

"When he was 9-years-old, he came across the street to get a hamburger and French fries. 25-cent French fries and a 75-cent hamburger," Nickelson said to KTVU.

Lynch, 31, is now set to take over Nickelson's popular soul-food restaurant, Scend's Restaurant and Bar, in Emeryville. Nickelson, 79, will be retiring in August. 

"I'm comfortable with him and I like him," Nickelson said.

Lynch will not become the official owner until the liquor license changes hands. Scend's, an acronym for Nickelson's children and grandchildren, is known for its seafood, fried chicken and red beans.