Notes from Dennis Allen's Friday briefing

September 29, 2012, 12:19 am
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ALAMEDA -- Dennis Allen conducted his press availability Friday in Alameda with a small group of reporters. Here are a few of the subjects he touched on.

On Darrius Heyward-Bey's return to the practice field Friday (though not practicing):

"He was out here today, watching practice, he's made a lotta progress, obviously he's doubtful, this week, and we'll continue to see where he's at, but he is making progress."

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Would coach err on the side of caution with DHB, given next week's bye week?

"The bye week really isn't the determining factor. The biggest determining factor is, we wanna make sure that he's fully recovered and ready to go before we put him out there on the field. That's really for the doctor's to determine, when he passes all the, you know, NFL protocol for concussions."
Has DHB passed everything up to this point?


How about (tight end) Brandon Myers?

"Brandon Myers has passed (concussion tests), and he's questionable for the game, but, he's in good shape."

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He's cleared for contact?


How would you describe Denver's offense? What to they like to do, Peyton Manning not-withstanding?

"Well, they've really got two different forms of offense. They've got an offense where they huddle up, and call the plays from the sideline, with your normal checks and adjustments, based off the defensive structure. And they've got their no-huddle offense, which Peyton has run in Indianapolis, that's what he's run in this league, for the majority of his career, so, he operates that exceptionally well and they do a nice job of getting in to good plays and trying to run when you're in a shell defense, and trying to throw the ball when you get an extra guy down in the box. So, our deal is going to be to try to do whatever we can to hopefully confuse Peyton as much as we can."

How about Andre Carter? Will he play on Sunday?

"We'll wait and see on Sunday. He got more reps today, so, every day that he practices, everyday that he's out here with us, he's one step closer to being on the field."

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(Wide receiver Rod) Streater has a neck problem now, too?

"Yeah, he had the eye, and then, you know he kinda got kinda got banged there at practice today and tweaked his neck a little bit. We'll see where he's at tomorrow."