Paul G's Instant Replay: Broncos 37, Raiders 6


Paul G's Instant Replay: Broncos 37, Raiders 6


DENVER -- The Raiders trilled at the half, 10-6, and probably should have been behind 20-3.So would they take advantage, make some adjustments and knock Peyton Manning off his rhythm in the game's final 30 minutes?Um, no. The Broncos blew the Raiders' doors off and outscored the Raiders 27-0 in the second half as the Raiders had four straight three-and-outs to start the second half, the defense folded like it did in Miami two weeks earlier and even special teams had a collapse in the punting game.Well, at least Juron Criner had his first NFL reception, a 13-yard catch on fourth-and-one in the fourth quarter. And with the "real refs" back, the Raiders were only flagged five times for 41 yards. And yet, the 125 points allowed through their first four games are more than they ever surrendered in their first four games under Al Davis, per Associated Press.Where's the run game?: Darren McFadden had at least 100 yards rushing the previous three times he faced the Broncos. This time? Not so much. The Raiders' problems with the zone-blocking scheme resurfaced again -- a week after McFadden had a big 64-yard touchdown run against Pittsburgh -- McFadden was limited to 34 yards on 13 carries.Where's the pressure?: The Raiders could not break Peyton Manning of his rhythm and paid for itdearly. Manning simply picked the Raiders apart all day long. In fact, Oakland did not knock Manning down until late in the third quarter.McClain takes a big step backwards: Yes, middle linebacker Rolando McClain is playing hurt -- his left ankle was heavily taped -- but he was victimized time and time again. In fact, former Raiders coach Tom Flores offered unique critiques of McClain's play on the radio broadcast. "I'm not sure where McClain is even going, or playing, on some of these runs," Flores said. Later, Flores offered, "That time, McClain was like a scarecrow. Just standing there, watching. Doesn't do anything." McClain is making a base salary of 970,000 this season and is due to make a base salary of 4.005 million next year.Flores sounds off again: Midway through the fourth quarter, the Broncos faced a 3rd and 3 and Raiders DB Joselio Hanson was lined up eight yards off the receiver. "That's ridiculous," Flores said. "That's elementary football."A first down: The Raiders did not get a first down in the second half until there was 12:44 to playin the game.A Raiders hustle play: Demaryius Thomas was gone. Hauling in a short pass from Manning, Thomas had empty real estate in front of him until, at about the Raiders' 20-yard line, he spied Tyvon Branch closing in. Trying to switch the ball from his right hand to his left, Thomas simply dropped the ball. A hustling Lamarr Houston, the Raiders' left defensive end, was following the play and recovered the fumble at the four-yard line.Up next: The Raiders (1-3) enjoy a bye week before playing at Atlanta on Oct. 14.

Defense remains in demand, but Raiders won't reach 'to satisfy a need'

Defense remains in demand, but Raiders won't reach 'to satisfy a need'

ALAMEDA -- The Raiders needed cornerback help and got some by drafting Gareon Conley 24th overall. General manager Reggie McKenzie insists he didn’t select solely to fill a need.

“This was totally the draft board,” he said Thursday night. “I mean, it was hands down the best player left on our board.”

Head coach Jack Del Rio chipped away at that stance a bit, clearly happy to get a good player in an area where he can help right away.

“A lot of us guys say that this time of year though, don’t we?” Del Rio said with a laugh. “Definitely was a happy moment for us.”

Conley was a top 15 talent, with stock driving south by a sexual assault allegation made public this week that is being investigated by Cleveland. He has not been charged or arrested in regard to the April 9 incident.

The Raiders are confident he’ll be cleared, leaving them with an excellent value that could provide long-term production in the secondary.

Cornerback wasn’t the only Raiders need. They’re in desperate need of an inside linebacker – they passed on Alabama’s Reuben Foster – and could used depth at defensive tackle and safety.

McKenzie says he’ll continue to follow his draft board over reaching for a specific position. The Raiders were happy to acquire Conley, and hope more value comes their way.

“Well, hopefully there’s Day 2 that will fall the same way,” McKenzie said. “We’re going to still follow our board. We know our needs, but, we will not let, we feel, a great player slip by just to satisfy a need. We will follow our board, that’s for sure. There are a lot of good players, so we’re expecting a good day tomorrow.”

Matching need and value is the ultimate goal. If that occurs, expect a defensive slant to the rest of this draft. They need early impact players and depth at every level of their defense. They might consider an offensive tackle, with uncertainty at right tackle and Donald Penn unsure if he’ll play beyond the 2017 season. It seems unlikely the Raiders go for a running back unless it’s late, after acquiring Marshawn Lynch this week.

There’s plenty of talent heading into the second round. Vanderbilt’s Zach Cunningham is the best inside linebacker on the board, with Florida’s Alex Anzalone and LSU’s Kendall Beckwith behind him. Malik McDowell and Caleb Wormley and are intriguing defensive line options. Cam Robinson is considered the best offensive tackle left on the board, though he's likely gone before the Raiders pick.

Raiders' first-round pick Conley opens up on emotions after off-field issues

Raiders' first-round pick Conley opens up on emotions after off-field issues

ALAMEDA – Gareon Conley’s name has been sullied, at least temporarily. He feared it would be long enough to send him free falling down the NFL Draft.

The Ohio State cornerback and top-15 prospect was accused of rape stemming from an April 9 incident in Cleveland, an allegation he called “completely false.”

The Raiders clearly believe him. That’s why they drafted him No. 24 overall on Thursday evening, and expect him to be a long-term solution in their secondary.

Conley wasn’t sure how far he’d fall after being beaten down by one rough week, when the allegation went public. Reggie McKenzie’s first-round selection and subsequent call was more emotional than expected.

“It made it 10 times more special,” Conley said Thursday night in a conference call. “Just having that doubt in my mind, just not knowing (how far I would fall). Just having faith and having doubt, I didn’t know what was going to happen. When it came, it shocked me. It felt unreal, honestly. It still feels unreal.”

Being a top pick was expected after an excellent career at Ohio State. The rape accusation threatened to destroy his draft-day dreams. Conley has not been arrested or charged in relation to the incident, though an investigation is ongoing.

Conley said he volunteered to take a polygraph test that was shared with NFL teams, and reportedly passed the one he took. He said in a statement there are witnesses and video evidence proving he didn’t do anything illegal.

Conley spent the last few days trying to proclaim his innocence. 

He is scheduled to meet with Cleveland police on Monday to discuss the April 9 incident -- he'll also submit a DNA sample, according to ESPN -- where group sex was suggested and a woman claimed she was sexually assaulted.

Conley believes his name will be cleared in time.

“I’m very confident it will be resolved," Conley said. "I took a test today that helps. Then when I made my statement and all the evidence that I have, I feel confident it’ll be resolved.”

Conley admits he shouldn’t have put himself in a compromising position, which occurred at a Cleveland hotel earlier this month.

“I could’ve made way better judgment,” Conley said. “I mean, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I definitely could’ve made a better decision.”

Conley hopes to move beyond it quickly and start focusing on football. He is scheduled to fly west for a press conference on Friday.

Conley is thankful to the Raiders for believing in him despite his recent troubles.

“It’s off the charts, honestly,” Conley said. “Just to know that they have faith in me, not even just as a football player but as a person like that, it speaks highly of them, and I really appreciate it. It’s an honor to be a part of the Raider organization.”