PFT: NFL labor talks set to resume next week

June 26, 2011, 12:20 am
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June 25, 2011Mike

In each of the last four weeks, the NFL and NFLPA have met in undisclosed locations in order to attempt to hammer out a new labor deal. Per Albert Breer of NFL Network, theyll be getting together again next week, in yet another undisclosed (at least for now) location.And if the past trend holds, theyll meet for two days before breaking once again.RELATED: NFL CBA report
Look, we realize that theyre communicating when theyre not meeting. And theyre likely making progress. But theres no substitute for packing up bags and heading to a neutral site and sleeping in a hotel bed in order make real progress. Though marathon sessions could cause nerves to fray and tempers to flare from time to time, once the two sides accept the fact that they will continue to meet, every day, until a deal gets done, the two sides will move toward getting a deal done.READ MORE FROM PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM

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