PFT: Raiders' Pryor denies Wonderlic test score

August 31, 2011, 8:07 pm
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UPDATE (4:58 p.m.): Terrelle Pryor has denied the reports that he scored a seven on the Wonderlic test. Pryor tweeted "Funny thing is I scored a 22 on my Wonderlic."

UPDATE (4:13 p.m.): According to, Pryor took the test a second time. Pryor first took the test during his August 20 Pro Day and then again the next day.
Mike Florio
In 2006, former Texas quarterback Vince Young initially scored a six on the Wonderlic. The test later was re-scored, and Young was given a seven.Young then got a chance to take the test again, for reasons that never were quite clear.He got a 16.According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor also received a seven.McGinn suggests that the low score explains Pryors bad on-field and off-field decisions at Ohio State. Were not prepared to make that leap, even though McGinn may be right on the money. Pryor appeared last week on PFT Live, and he didnt come off as anything remotely close to an idiot. Also, ever since the wheels came off of his college career, Pryor has been saying and doing all the right things. Even if hes been coached in that regard, he was smart enough to remember the coaching.READ MORE AT PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM