Raiders ask fans to arrive two hours early

August 28, 2012, 3:08 pm
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Attending a Raiders game this season may feel a lot likeheading to the airport. All that is may be missing are the complimentarypeanuts.To accommodate league-wide heightened security measures,including hand-held metal detectors at every gate, the Raiders have stolen aplay from the TSA and recommended fans to arrive to Coliseum two hoursearly.The new security measures, announced by the NFL lastTuesday, require fans to hold cell phones, keys and other permitted metal itemsin their hands while stadium workers wave a metal-detecting wand over them. Thewanding replaces the former policy of a pat down at the ticket gate.With a fan base characterized by spiked shoulder pads andchains, the Raiders seem to be anticipating that the new security process willtake some time, about 120 minutes worth to be exact.Prohibited items the metal-detection search will be lookingfor include weapons, artificial noisemakers, and glass or aluminum bottles, cansand flasks.The added time to get through security will significantlycut into tailgating opportunities. With the parking gates at the Coliseumopening five hours before kickoff, fans tailgating time is cut to a maximum ofthree hours.But such is the price of safety at Raiders games. At leastyou can leave your shoes on.