Raiders offense hindered without McFadden, Reece

Allen: 'We've faced adversity and we are going to continue to battle'

Raiders offense hindered without McFadden, Reece
September 29, 2013, 7:45 pm
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We have to be able to overcome injuries. We need guys that get an opportunity to come in and step up.
Dennis Allen

OAKLAND – Darren McFadden, Marcel Reece and Terrelle Pryor were of no use to the Raiders during pivotal moments of Sunday’s 24-14 loss to the Washington Redskins.

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The team’s best offensive weapons were glued to the sideline in the second half, loitering in street clothes.

McFadden and Reece were new additions to a painfully long injury list that limits the Raiders’ ability to compete.

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McFadden strained his hamstring early in the first quarter, but tried to play through it in the second before shutting things down. Reece injured his knee around the same time, leaving the backfield full of backups.

Rashad Jennings had eight catches for 71 yards, but only averaged 3.0 yards per carry over 15 rushes.

“I thought Rashad did an admirable job filling in for McFadden,” Allen said. “I thought he ran the ball hard.”

McFadden opened the game with a 14-yard run and seemed ready to attack the NFL’s worst run defense. He never got a chance to get going.

Whether he can rev up and play the Chargers next week remains in doubt. Allen said shortly after the game that he didn’t know the extent of injuries to McFadden or Reece. They will be evaluated further on Monday morning.

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Living without either player is difficult, but McFadden’s absence leaves a void in the offense that’s tough to fill.

“It’s tough because, from a run-game standpoint, he’s got the ability to hit the home run ball,” Allen said. “But, If we have to be without Darren for any time, I feel confident that Rashad Jennings and Jeremy Stewart can handle the load."

While Reece has proven durable, McFadden’s notoriously injury prone. He’s missed time in each professional season, and needs to stay healthy and productive in a contract year.

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The Raiders won’t use injury as an excuse for this loss or future performance, but it's undeniable that ill health has worn on this offense.

“We’ve faced adversity and we’re going to continue to battle,” Allen said. “You have to be able to overcome it. We have to be able to overcome injuries. We need guys that get an opportunity to come in and step up.”