Raiders' players say Jackson was "truly shocked" by firing

January 11, 2012, 2:31 am
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Yesterday, I was told from a high ranking organization official to prepare to be on my toes tomorrow.Little did I know ballet slippers would be needed.I caught then-head coach Hue Jackson yesterday as he left the Raiders practice facility. We spoke briefly, and he gave very coy answers. I didn't get the sense that he had a handle of what was going on.And then, Tuesday happened. When word of Jackson's firing started spreading, I immediately confirmed through my player sources, who had confirmed the news through Jackson himself. The players I spoke to reiterated how truly shocked he was after he was delivered the news.No matter if you're a vet or a rookie, news of losing a coach and the prospect of a new one is heavy.Players who were at the practice facility in Alameda found out right away, as they saw Hue at the facility. Other players found out on Twitter. Those I spoke to had an initial shocked reaction, but as I dug deeper, I got a lot of "no comments" from players. I did ask some point blank questions of "what was the relationship Hue had with his players in the locker room?" The ones who went on record went on to answer all my other questions. The others? "No comment".