Raiders tweet: 'Worst call in history'


Raiders tweet: 'Worst call in history'

The Raiders took to Twitter last night following the botched call in the Packers-Seahawks game.
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Aaron Curry would have handled the interception differently: 4 yrs, 4 staffs, each staff coached:"DO NOT try to intercept it! BAT IT DOWN" Aaron Curry (@AaronCurry51) September 25, 2012

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Derek Hagan still can't get over what happened: This is crazy... I'm still SMH... Can't call it!!!! Refs r a joke...they also missed that O Pass interference on Tate... 2 hand push off Derek Hagan(@dhagan80) September 25, 2012
Alex Parsons is shocked and wants to know what you think:Shocked about this ending...what do you say? MNF Alex Parsons (@A_Parsons67) September 25, 2012
Jacoby Ford and Matt Leinart have one word to explain what they thought: Wowwwwwwwwwwww Jacoby Ford (@JacobyFord12) September 25, 2012
Wow Matt Leinart (@MattLeinartQB) September 25, 2012
Owen Schmitt is not afraid to speak his mind: Worst call in history RunAwAy BeeRTrucK (@OwenSchmitt) September 25, 2012

Davis explains why talks between Raiders, Oakland went south


Davis explains why talks between Raiders, Oakland went south

PHOENIX – Raiders owner Mark Davis has given Oakland and Alameda County officials the silent treatment over the past year.

He has ignored attempts to keep his Raiders in the East Bay, choosing instead to focus on a stadium proposal in Las Vegas. Relocation was a goal achieved on Monday morning, when NFL owners approved a move by a 31-1 vote.

Oakland mayor made several last-second attempts to sway ownership, hoping they would help bring him back to the negotiating table.

Davis never thawed his cold shoulder. He explained why after Las Vegas approval was secure.

While the Raiders and Oakland officials clashed over land use and control of the Coliseum site, a schism occurred roughly a year ago. The Raiders and Chargers were angling to share a stadium in Carson, while the Rams wanted to build a facility in Inglewood. The Raiders were still open an Oakland return at that point, but official’s actions changed his outlook.

“I think it turned during the L.A. (relocation attempt),” Davis said. “Before the vote for Los Angeles, Oakland had an opportunity to come in and make a presentation to the league. They came in with a five-page (submission) that had nothing to do with anything. They claimed that they would wait for us to lose the L.A. vote, and then come back with all the leverage.”

Davis didn’t view that as good-faith negotiations, and still went back to Oakland after losing the L.A. battle to the Rams, and the first option to join them to the Chargers.

“We came back to Oakland and negotiated a one-year lease with two years of options and talked about getting together to discuss a long-term future together,” Davis said. “A week later, I got a call from one of the (Alameda County) supervisors and told me, ‘Mark, the lease you just negotiated and the options are not going to be valid.’

At that point, we ended up signing that lease anyway, but decided we had to start looking elsewhere to find a long-term solution.

He found a willing partner in Las Vegas and Nevada. That state’s legislature approved $750 million in public funds for stadium construction, and will contribute even more to infrastructure improvements.

That’s a sweetheart deal Oakland couldn’t match. The city ultimately presented a plan NFL owners didn’t consider actionable, which wasn’t a deterrent to a positive relocation vote.

Not that it mattered much. Davis committed to Las Vegas, and remained focused on that.

“The commitment made by the legislature and the governor was very strong,” Davis said. “I think my commitment was strong as well, and we worked out a deal.”

Damian Lillard trolls Raiders owner Mark Davis

Damian Lillard trolls Raiders owner Mark Davis

Damian Lillard grew up in Oakland and still roots for the Raiders.

Suffice it to say he is not happy with Mark Davis choosing to move the Silver and Black to Las Vegas.

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On Monday afternoon, Lillard took to Twitter:

Lillard attended Oakland High School for his junior and senior years.

Back in August, he predicted an 11-5 record for the Raiders in 2016.

They went 12-4.