Report: Mark Davis tours land in Concord for stadium

Report: Mark Davis tours land in Concord for stadium
October 6, 2013, 5:00 pm
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Mark Davis is looking at plots of land for a possible new Raiders' stadium. Last week, he toured a site in Concord. (AP)

If the Raiders can't get a new stadium in Oakland, they might turn to Concord.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, owner Mark Davis recently took a tour of the decommissioned Concord Naval Weapons Station with Michael Wright, the Executive Director of the Local Reuse Authority for the City of Concord and the former state Senator Don Perata, who is an advisor for the Raiders.

Dan Helix, the mayor of Concord was also part of the tour and was able to gauge Davis' interest in the 5,000 acres of land.

"He made no commitments, but my feeling, he liked the looks of the property," Helix told The Chronicle.

The site is still being cleaned up by the Navy, but the city is looking to redevelop the land and a new stadium for the Raiders would be an attractive centerpiece.

"I think a stadium there would be a significant addition because it would attract a great deal of development," Helix said.

The plot of land is also just minutes away from the North Concord BART station, which is something that piqued the interest of Davis, according to Helix.

Raiders fans, what do you think about a new stadium in Concord?