Schaub: 'I'm definitely disappointed'

Schaub: 'I'm definitely disappointed'
September 2, 2014, 4:00 pm
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(Allen) was pleased with how I ran things in the offseason and how I played, but it was more about Derek and his progression.
Matt Schaub

ALAMEDA -- Raiders veteran quarterback Matt Schaub didn’t think much of rookie Derek Carr getting hot in Thursday’s preseason finale against Seattle. It certainly didn’t feel like the beginning of the end.

It was.

The Raiders promoted Derek Carr to first string over Schaub, even after giving him $8 million and the Houston Texans a sixth-round pick for his services.

Despite a late surge from Carr, Schaub still expected to start Sunday’s regular-season opener at the New York Jets. The fact that he won’t came as a shock.

“I'm definitely disappointed, but it wouldn't do me or the team any good if I just stood here and felt sorry for myself,” Schaub said after Tuesday’s practice. “I only know how to handle things one way. That’s to move forward and stay productive and get myself ready each day so I’m prepared if called upon.”

Schaub was brought in to be the starting quarterback, and head coach Dennis Allen associated the title with him at every turn. Until recently, it fit. He skewed toward ordinary after the preseason wore on, showing deficiencies that also plagued him during a disastrous 2013 where he lost his job to an undrafted rookie.

Those woes, and elbow soreness that kept him out last week, left a weakness in a wall that Carr busted through.

“(Allen) said it wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do,” Schaub said. “He was pleased with how I ran things in the offseason and how I played, but that it was more about Derek and his progression.”

Carr credits Schaub for helping him improve quickly. The second-round pick asked questions en masse, and Schaub was more than willing to help in practice, meeting rooms and in games. Carr says Scahub’s mentorship has continued even after the news broke.

“Nothing has changed,” Carr said. “I think he’s probably helped more because we’re game planning this week. He’s reminded me of things in meetings and practice. He’s been great.”

[VIDEO: Carr on Schaub: 'He's been great']

Schaub was wary of taking too much credit for Carr’s evolution, but he’s always been open to helping younger players.

“We’re all here to make the Oakland Raiders the best that we can be this season,” he said. “If I’ve helped Derek along the way, then great. We’re pushing each other and looking at defenses and sharing ideas and thoughts. If I’ve helped him get better, then that’s the case of a veteran helping a young guy.”

Schaub had to think he’d been helping his backup prepare for emergency action, not to take his job before the regular season starts. The Raiders had praised Schaub to a point that starting quarterback didn’t seem like the open competition it eventually became.

Regardless, Schaub said he wouldn’t have done anything different since becoming a Raider.

“I wouldn’t have changed a thing,” Schaub said.